What we bought, spent and ate this week

Hello Dear Reader,

Well, what a week I've had, I have never been so sick in all my life, I consider myself a really strong person in mind and body, but whatever this virus/cold/flu? was, it was simply awful. The pain I experienced in my throat was unbelievable, to the stage where I was frightened to swallow, I also felt as if my throat was closing over/up, which was terrifying and during fitful sleep my mouth and throat would dry out so much that I couldn't produce saliva to swallow-I WAS UTTERLY MISERABLE.

During one especially terrible night, I thought I would have to drive myself to emergency (State of Origin night), I felt that ill. You can get quite irrational when you are in a lot of pain for so long. But then I thought rationally, what I am experiencing is NOT an emergency just a very bad virus/cold/flu? Surely it will pass soon. I eventually went to the doctor on Thursday and she prescribed a course of antibiotics and very strong pain killers. I held off going to the doctors as I thought it must be viral so they wouldn't prescribe an antibiotic anyway. I was quite wrong.

I am finally on the mend and last night was the first night in a long time that I actually slept instead of hovering above sleep thinking how I can swallow without causing too much pain. I know that quite a few co-workers had something similar to this while I was away on holiday, and I pride myself on never getting sick and taking very few sick days, well, I have made up for it this week 3 1/2 days sick leave taken, in one go, that's a record for me and one I don't want to take again, ever!

I state again, I am not a whimp, this was something just so horrid and I hope and pray that no one I have been in contact with will get "it" what ever that was??

Now that you know why I've been so quiet on the blogging front, let me tell you what we bought, spent and ate this past week.

What we bought
Shopping from Northside Discount Fruit Barn

Shopping from Aldi, Coles and the Vet 

Shopping from Coles on Thursday, ingredients for Chicken Soup. I already had, onion, garlic, carrots and celery at home

What we spent
Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$34.18
Coles-$20.00 + $16.74 on Thursday
Vet-$59.50 (why oh why do all our pets require "special" food??? Our cat ninja needs special dry food to prevent dental problems and Lulu requires special dry food to prevent urinary problems)


What we ate
Saturday and Sunday-Slow Cooker Pork and Beans with Chorizo, it was the perfect camping meal, just heat and eat

Monday-My Best Red Lentil Dahl

Tuesday-Salmon, Sweet Corn and Potato Chowder

Wednesday-Honey Prawns with steamed Basmati rice and a combination of Choy Sum and Bok Choy cause that was what was left in the crisper

Thursday and Friday-Heart Warming and Soothing, Make it all better, Chicken Soup, I so needed this soup

I actually felt quite unwell while we were away camping but nothing specific, I had a fever, I had a bit of a cough at night and my throat was a bit scratchy, it really took its time to unleash its full fury. By Monday evening I thought I just must try and go into work cause how good does a sick day look coming off the back of an ADO?? So I soldiered on, I went into work on Tuesday but was home by lunchtime and then went completely and utterly to pieces. You know the days actually weren't so bad,  I was like a zombie from no sleep but it was the nights that gave me nightmares, I just couldn't sleep because of the pain, I NEVER want to go through that again. 

As you can see I still cooked which was really quite the miracle, but hey you all know by now how focused I am on food, I guess it doesn't matter how ill I am, I will always want to cook so I can eat well. And that Chicken Soup was so good, I wished I had made it earlier in the week as it made me feel so much better.

Over to you, what do cook or want to eat when you are feeling unwell?

Have a lovely day

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  1. Hi Fiona, Glad to hear you are on the mend. Both my husband and I contracted a similar illness to you late last year. The doctor thought it was most likely Influenza B. We know we are both healthy and strong but it absolutely floored us and we now have a better understanding of how a virus can kill you because we were so sick. Be careful getting back into the swing of things as it took us weeks to fully recover and the doctor advised that when you have been so sick you can pick up everything that passes by. Take care.

  2. That sounds like a really horrible illness - so glad you are improving now. Eggs are my go to when I'm ill, either scrambled eggs or my husband makes lovely soft poached eggs by swirling them into boiling water. I love them but just don't have the knack myself so I use a poacher if I'm cooking them. His are better!

  3. Hi Fiona,
    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better. Try not to do too much until you are completely recovered.
    I made your whole orange cake using two of our home-grown blood oranges on Friday and it was very popular. It was finished for afternoon tea today. I was reluctant to use whole oranges thinking the cake would be bitter but I'm glad I did. The skin of our blood oranges has a lovely spicy fragrance which remained after the cake was baked. So easy to mix using just the food processor.
    When I'm not feeling well I want home-made chicken noodle soup with lots of veggies in it. Nice hot cups of tea help soothe a sore throat.
    Best wishes, Maria from Adelaide SA.

  4. Oh Fiona, that sounds absolutely horrid! No one would ever accuse you of being a wimp. I think you and I have a very similar constitution, we don't get sick often, but when we do!!! I got as sick as a dog after our trip to Norfolk Island, I'm a nurse, and I seriously thought about going down to the Emergency Department, I was just so sick, but like you I reasoned it was a virus, I'll eventually get better, and I did, but gosh I was sick in the meantime, and when I did go back to work, I remember looking after certain patients and thinking, what are you carrying on about I was sicker than this, and I still had to look after a house and kids!!! LOL (Hubby was away)

    Any way, it's obvious you're a tough little cookie. So glad you are on the mend, but take things easy, you're body will need time to recover properly and rebuild it's immunity after such an acute illness. Sending hugs. XXX

  5. Sounds utterly dreadful, Fi. That pain in the throat can be a nightmare! I used to get regular bouts of tonsillitis when I was teaching full-time and once, because a doctor did not give me a strong enough course of antibiotics, I ended up unable to swallow my own saliva. I will never, ever forget the "horse needle" I had to fix to that situation! A lot of times it is a virus but if a bacterial infection gets started in the throat it can become quite serious.

    Glad you are on the mend. I am currently keeping a cold at bay so yesterday made up a huge pot of my Mum's pea and ham soup. Lovely and thick and delicious. It's A++ comfort food! Meg:)

  6. So glad you’re feeling much better, but like everyone has said it will take a while to be back to full speed. I don’t get sick very often either, but I think it’s being the wife/mother/woman that we still tend to carry on no matter what!

  7. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes, all your comments made me smile. I am feeling a lot better, still coughing but at least the sore throat has gone. I hope I never get anything like that again. Thanks for commenting everyone, and have a lovely day, Fi


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