Whole Orange Cake

Hello Dear Reader,

And I'm back. I'm still not 100% but feeling a bit better. What ever this cold/virus thing is, it has really laid me flat, I have never experienced a sore throat, body aches or coughing like it! I am going into work today as I don't think I have ever taken more than 1 sick day at a time, I'll see how the day pans out, if I can only do half a day, it's better than not trying at all. Thank you to all my lovely kind readers for your well wishers and suggested tonics that have worked for them. At the moment I am using paracetamol, ibuprofen, Australian Jelly Bush honey and my doTERRA "On Guard" and "Easy Air" and that combination seems to be helping. Now on with todays post.

I was gifted some lovely, sweet, home grown oranges a while ago and have been happily adding them to our breakfast bowls each morning. Before we went away for the weekend to Lake Borumba, I wanted to make a cake out of the last one to take with us for morning teas while camping. I have made a Whole Clementine and Almond cake for many years (subbing Mandarin's for Clementines) using Queen Nigellas recipe from her  book "How to Eat"and even though I really love that recipe, I wanted something quicker and simpler.

Recently I read about a really simple, whole orange cake recipe from Rhonda at Down to Earth and Wendy from My Abundant Life. As I didn't have a lot of butter I combined those two recipes and now have a fabulous Whole Orange Cake to add to my repertoire. I used 60 grams of butter, melted and 120 grams of Rice Bran oil and it worked a treat. There is no bitterness, at all, from using the whole rind and pith of the orange, just a sweet and intense orange flavour. It is also such a light cake with a lovely soft crumb. As always I reduced the amount of sugar also, cause, that's what I do.

Ingredients for Whole Orange Cake, clockwise from bottom right- 3 x eggs, 1 orange, cut into quarters, 60 grams butter, melted and 120 grams of oil (I use Rice Bran oil) 1 1/2 cups SR flour and 3/4 cup white sugar

In a food processor, blitz orange quarters until a fine puree is reached, there should be no big bits

Now add all other ingredients 

And blitz until incorporated

Scrape and pour into a lined 24 x 12 x 6 cm, greased and lined loaf tin

Bake in a 170 C preheated oven for 35 to 40 minutes until golden brown and cooked through, as always keep an eye on the cake as all ovens are different. 

Once cooled I cut it in half, took half with us and left the other half at home

As is my style I didn't ice the cake, as icing is not my strongest point but you could if you wanted to. Enjoy this simple and economical cake. Make it today. 

Join in, have you made something similar to this cake? What kind of icing would you use?

Have a lovely day,

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  1. I use the recipe from Rhonda - Down to Earth. I reduce the sugar a little and use a plain icing with orange juice. Fresh home made cake! Looking forward to making the cake next week for visitors and scattering the icing with dehydrated orange. My new addiction- what to do with oranges from the orchard - slice oranges using mandolin and dehydrate. Tasty as is or dip half in chocolate. Cheers Erin

  2. I love whole orange cake and ice it with mascarpone mixed with a tiny bit of icing sugar and some of the blitzed orange mixture put by for the icing.
    Glad you're getting better.

  3. Hi,
    Hope you have recovered from your cold. Your blog and insta pictures are totally amazing.

  4. Dear Fi, This cakes sounds amazing, I am going to give it a try. Do hope you are recovering from your cold. Thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures of your holiday in France. Best wishes Lyn


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