Hello Dear Reader,

How I feel going to work on a Monday
Just a quick little post today.

I have always struggled with Mondays, I really don't know why, I just have. I loath them in fact, it means my cherished weekend is over and the work week has begun again. I would like to change my mindset of Mondays, to embrace them rather than just try and get through them.

How do you tackle your Mondays? Is it the start of the working week for you, is it just another day? Do you leap out of bed and fully embrace the start of the working week or do you loath them just as much as I do?

Hit me with your suggestions of how to make Mondays better.

Have the loveliest of days (cause it's not Monday!)

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  1. Monday is the start of the school week for us, and we have quite a drive to school each day. I try to just think of all the lovely things this day will bring ... a walk, the dog greeting me with a wagging tail when we get home, dinner together at the end of the day, birdsong when I wake up. All those really simple blessings. Meg:)

  2. My best cure for Monday-itis was not working Mondays - but that may not be completely practical ;) Maybe having something fun planned Monday night? I have a yoga class on Monday night that I always look forward to.

  3. I see Monday as the beginning of the journey to the next weekend. I don't dread the working week because I work part time ( 3 days). Does it help to think that every hour you're at work is earning money towards retirement? As your other readers have said perhaps you could plan a small treat to look forward to at the end of the working day?

    1. Hi Penny,
      Love that-“Monday is the journey to the next weekend” you just made my day,

  4. How weird, I just saw this on FB yesterday and thought of you! I couldn't cut and paste it, so I've just retyped it :)

    Maybe this day is not
    One of you're favourites, but
    Never forget that every
    Day you wake up is an
    Amazing gift and it's up to
    You to make it count


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