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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 9 November 2018
Hello Dear Reader,

And hello holidays! Lovely Hubby and I will be camping for a week up at Noosa North Shore, I am so looking forward to unplugging and relaxing for while. Our normal work and home life is very structured with us doing the same things at the same time of the week, week in week out. I love our routine but every now and then a change is wonderful.

Our camping days also follow a rhythm, we wake early, have breakfast and pack our morning tea and lunch for a day of fishing on the beach. If the fish aren't biting I will head off for a long walk on the white sandy beach. We are hoping it's not too busy, we aren't in school holidays yet so there shouldn't be any families up there, maybe just some grey nomads in their luxurious caravans.

I've always said, camping is not for wimps, I am not a very strong person and it takes me all my strength to help set up camp. This will only be the second time we have set up our camper trailer, hopefully it will be more successful than the first attempt. It sure beats setting up the huge marque we used to use, it used to make me weep with frustration!

Now on with the frugal stuff-

1. I will count our weeks camping holiday as my first frugal thing. It makes for a very economical get away.

2. Had a meat free Monday, I roasted and pureed the last of the pumpkin over the weekend in preparation for my Roast Pumpkin Alfredo that our daughter made on Monday, so easy and delicious.

3. Dried the clothes on the line, it has been really hot for this time of year, however a welcomed cool change, with overcast skies blew through yesterday morning bringing the temperatures down. I par dry most of our clothes in the dryer for 5 minutes or so then hang them on hangers straight away. The wrinkles fall straight out which means no ironing. I did not inherit the ironing gene.

4. Kept to the two light rule, as soon as we are finished in the kitchen at night, the lights are switched off, the light from the fish tank is enough to illuminate the dining and kitchen area to safely walk through to the bedroom.

5. Picked and used fresh rosemary from our garden for this Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia, if you only grow a few things in your garden or pots, grow herbs, you will save yourself a fortune in the long run.

There you go, 5 frugal everyday things I do to save money in the short and long term, over to you, how did you save money this week?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Enjoy this time with your husband. It is priceless. I so enjoy your blog, and daily postings.
    Patricia Fl/USA

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for stopping by daily and reading my ramblings, I'm so glad you enjoy it. We are so looking forward to our week away.

  2. Enjoy your trip - it looks lovely!

    In terms of frugal news:
    -We had no eating out this week, ate leftovers to reduce food waste. Those are both standard.
    -Found a good deal on groceries (coupon) that we needed for Thanksgiving, so moved up our timeline to purchase & use the coupon.
    -Started packing things for our Hawaii trip, to minimize expenses.
    -Sold an item I'd listed on eBay, & made $20

  3. I hope you have a lovely camping trip! Beautiful time of year for it.

    I have made muesli, made sure we brought snacks and drinks with us where ever we went and menu planned simple, cost effective meals.


    1. Hi Emma,
      It's all the little things like bringing snacks and drinks with you when you are away from home that really save money in the long run isn't? The weather looks like its going to be lovely.

  4. Have a lovely week away Fiona, sounds like you need it!

    Great tip about the dryer, I’m going to try that!

  5. Hi Fiona
    Before I get onto frugal stuff please can you tell me what is the plant in the forefront of one of your photos? It has palm like fronds and a big yellow flower? in the middle. I find different flora so interesting.
    Frugal / simple life
    The supermarket was giving away free pumpkins after Halloween so I chose a nice one and will make soup. Love free grub!
    My husband sold a surplus household appliance via Facebook. We gained a little bit of money, the family who bought it gained and it didn't go to the tip. Win win.
    I took stock of my baking supplies before shopping for the ingredients for Christmas puddings and Christmas cake. I didn't want to overstock.
    I had a small amount on a money off voucher for the garden centre but decided not to make a purchase - the fuel to get to the garden centre etc didn't make a purchase worthwhile.
    I have been experimenting with less expensive fish from one of our supermarkets - this has to be balanced with eco concerns - I'm not buying fresh prawns flown over from Argentina! This is a work in progress - I'm going to try different things over the next few weeks.
    Hope you enjoy your much deserved holiday.

    1. Hi Penny,
      The plant out the front is a type of Cycad, the one in the photo is the female and is flowering at the moment, we also have a male cycad flowering at the same time. They are a stunning plant but very spiky! I love your frugal list, have a lovely weekend.

  6. I did not inherit the ironing gene either, Fi:D It sure has been hot so that cool change was welcomed at our place too. I have been sick with an icky cold so not much has happened around here. The basics have been done but not much else! Meg:)