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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 7 December 2018
Hello Dear Reader,

Well, what a difference a week makes on the weather front, we have gone from blistering hot days to cool windy days with a splattering of rain, not enough to fill the tanks but just enough to settle the dust. I am just so grateful for the cooler change that has blown through, that heat was exhausting.

As I mentioned in yesterdays post we are organised for Christmas with just a few more things to do, I finished the Christmas tree yesterday and put the wreath up on the front door. I haven't updated any Christmas decorations for many years and I am still quite happy with what we have, no use spending money just because the decorations are getting a bit old, I think they all still look lovely.

This Sunday we are going for a bit of a drive up the coast to tackle a few more jobs on my "to do list" firstly we will be calling in on a very good friend of my late MIL, they grew up together and were very close. My late MIL only stipulated one item that she wanted to go to a special someone and on Sunday we will be popping in to follow that through. From there we will be meeting up with some of Lovely Hubbies family also to give a few precious family items to, then onto an old friend of my late FIL, my late FIL had stored some Chinese antiques (two large ornate beds) at his place and we want to see what condition they are in and also how large they are, so we can organise a trailer for them. Our plan is to sell them to the Antique Dealer who helped us with quite a few items from next door. That's the plan anyway.

Now on with how we saved money this week-

1. Didn't feel the need to spend any money updating our Christmas decorations, what we have will probably see us out.

2. Made a couple of meat free meals that were both economical and delicious, they also are part of my freezer and pantry challenge using up bits and bobs to make some room.

Lentil and Carrot Curry

Mushroom and Bean Curry with Spicy Cauliflower Rice

3. Hung the washing on the line to dry, firstly the heat last weekend had the washing dry almost immediately and then the cool wind at the end of the week had the washing flapping around wildly and dried very quickly also.

4. Made some Flaxseed and Chia Bread Rolls from ingredients already at home, they were great for lunches this week. I made them in the Thermomix, I find it wonderful for kneading the dough.

5. Used ingredients already at home to make some little Macaroon Christmas Trees to contribute towards the annual Allied Health Christmas Bakeoff at work. It's fun to see how creative people can be.

Over to you, how did you save money this week?

Have a lovely day


  1. Your little macaroon Christmas trees are so cute, Fi. Clever you! Meg:)

  2. Your curries look delicious! All our meals are meat-free (I'm the chef and I'm vegetarian; fortunately, everyone else is just happy that there's food and so they eat whatever I make), and it really does cut down on our grocery bills from before when I ate everything. :)

  3. Love those little trees! I actually listed a few old ornaments on eBay & discovered that one of them is worth some money. I already have a bid for $40, so I'm quite pleased. Otherwise, I've been doing my freezer challenge, and doing our standards of charging our electric car for free at work & line drying all of our clothes. (It's actually hanging them on a clothes line inside.)

  4. What adorable little Christmas tree cakes!
    Frugal/ simple this week-
    My husband lent a friend some tilecutters and he kindly returned the favour by giving us a load of dry logs
    My husband has been a good client of a business nearby and they gave us six wild duck all plucked and prepared for the oven. We gave two to another friend.
    (Friendship seems a theme this week!).
    I used up some raspberries from the freezer to make raspberry and almond cake.
    I found lots of postage stamps when I cleared out my mother's flat and they can still be used so that will be a saving for Christmas cards
    We attended a Christmas party this week and it amuses me that I wore a pair of velvet trousers that are at least 15 years old, evening shoes that are over 10 years old, carried a bag I have had for approx 40 yrs and wore a coat my mother handed down to me over 20 years ago. Good quality lasts and I love wearing old favourites that fit and flatter.