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Puff Pastry, Fold Over Method, for Kmart Pie Maker

Monday, 27 January 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I owned a pie maker about 15 years ago when they were all the rage, first time around, I did use it but hated the waste of pastry it generated, so, like a lot of appliance that don't work out for one reason or another, my original pie maker sat unloved, until one day, I gave it away. Fast forward those 15 years to just before Christmas last year and a lovely lady at work told me about her Kmart Pie Maker and how she had just joined a Facebook group for owners of Kmart Pie Makers.

I was so impressed with what I saw that I went out and bought 4 of those pie makers (1 for our daughter and son + partners, 1 for my darling sister and 1 for us). I have used it every weekend to make easy and perfect poached eggs (3 minutes from room temperature eggs) it make amazing puff-ball pancakes, I've also made some delicious cheesy corn cakes and of course pies. The first pies I made were Chicken and Leek and they were a hit, I made the simple filling in the Thermomix and then popped some puff pastry in the pie maker, spooned in some filling, did some pastry origami and let it do it's thing.

Since I bought it, I had been thinking of a way to stop any wasted pastry while still making cute little pies, my brain came up with something like this method, but with more cuts around the edges and then one day I stumbled on a simple living forum and there before my eyes was the solution I had been looking for. It is simplicity itself and best of all there is absolutely no wasted pastry what so ever. In case you're wondering, I buy the Coles own brand puff pastry as I find it is the best quality for the price which is $2.30 for 6 sheets, it puffs up beautifully and bakes to a lovely golden colour.

I have to say these pies are definitely smaller and more rustic than then ones made with two perfectly round pastry circles but they seal quite well and best of all, there is no waste.

Working quickly so that the pastry remains quite cold, cut each square of puff pastry into four equal squares, then make a cut, approximately one inch long on each side of the smaller individual squares

Pop the cut squares of puff pastry into your preheated pie maker and gently overlap the edges where the cuts are 

Spoon in your filling of choice and gently fold over corners into the middle 

Continue till pie maker is full 

Close lid and bake till golden brown and filling is piping hot

There maybe some leakage of filling through the top corners of the little pies, but again, these are rustic homemade pies, not perfect, factory made ones. One more thing, I'm not too sure that this method would work in other pie maker brands as I am pretty sure the Kmart variety is much smaller than other brands. What do you think?

Have a lovely day

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  1. The pies are a big hit at our place too....I made chicken and leek pies for our family gathering a couple of months ago and my nephews girlfriend went straight to Kmart and bought a pie maker and joined the FB group and made pies every day....she loved them...such a big hit. The also have a pie maker that makes one big family pie however you still have to cut it up and I love the individual pies....we usually just make the chicken and leek pies which we love.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I’ve seen the family sized ones too, what a great idea! I love the little pies too, so cute and yummy. Fi

  3. I surely don't need any more appliances in my kitchen - but I am very tempted to go pick up one of these pie makers ♥

    1. That’s what I thought too Carrie😉 they are so fun to play with.

  4. That's an ingenious method - the pies look very tempting. My husband would eat pies every day of the week if he could.

    1. Hi Penny,
      Isn’t it clever! I’m very partial to a good pie too👌

  5. Hi Fiona,

    your little pies look really good. Rustic and home-made looking is so much better than mass produced, identical and perfect looking.

    I'm now very tempted to buy that pie maker.
    Your readers could come up with ideas for pie fillings or other goodies to make in the Kmart Pie Maker, take photographs of what they've made and send them to you to share. I already have a few ideas for some yummy pies. This would be a great way to transform leftover casseroles or stews into another meal. Beef Stroganoff or Beef Goulash in a little pie sounds delicious. Can you use any other type of pastry or is best to use puff pastry?

    Fiona, I want to thank you and the lovely Penny for thinking of my son who is putting up with the discomfort that comes with oral surgery. Unlike some men who are such babies when they are unwell, my 21 year old is putting up with the pain and following his surgeon's instructions to the letter. The only thing he has complained about is the horrible taste of the medicated mouthwash he has to rinse his mouth with. The day after my son's surgery, his father asked him if he was still in pain. I thought he was joking - he wasn't.

    Cheers, Maria xx.

    1. Hi Maria,
      Dental and mouth pain is such a terrible thing, I’ve suffered with mouth ulcers my whole life and that’s bad enough...your boy is very brave to have all four wisdom teeth out at once, hopefully he will feel better soon.
      That’s a wonderful idea Maria, I’ll pop a post up later this week, thanks for the inspiration. Fi

    2. Hi Maria,
      I just wanted to add that I think puff pastry is best even though most pie makers suggest short crust on the bottom and puff on the top, I’m very happy with the result even with cold pies for lunch, they’re still lovely. Mum used to make a very simple short crust pastry using only plain flour, an egg and a small amount of butter, I’ve actually made it many times over the years but somehow I’d not made it in a very long time. I went looking for it the other day and when I did eventually find it, I nearly broke out into a was wonderful to find it. I’ll test it out soon and if I think it’s blog worthy, I’ll post it. Mum would be thrilled.❤️

  6. Thanks for the great idea Fiona! I will have to try your pastry folding method next time I make pies - hopefully it will work in my sunbeam pie maker too! Would it be possible for you to share your recipe for the chicken and leek filling you made in the thermomix? It sounds delicious. I have a thermie now, but am not overly experienced in using it yet, so am always on the lookout for great recipes to try out in it. Thanks for all the great info and recipes you share. Cheers, Kelly

  7. Hi Kelly,
    I’m popping the recipe for the Chicken and Leek pie filling up on the blog tomorrow, it really is very easy and it’s even easier in the TM👏 And thank you lovely for your kind words, it absolutely makes my day and keeps me going in blogland. Fi