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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 24 January 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

This week our beaut kids (Daughter and our future SIL) have started work on the back corner garden, this little square of earth used to be my only veggie/fruit garden and everything else was in pots, my how things have changed. I now have large raised garden beds all along one boundary of our little house block while the old garden bed is now being transformed into an area which will still house the compost bin but will also have an oval, corrugated iron, raised garden bed in which to specifically grow sweet potatoes. The rest of the now bare earth will be paved to make it clean and tidy. I will do a post about this transformation when it is finished.

This overhaul of the old garden bed is one of our goals for this year and I am so very grateful that our kids offered to do the work for us, gardening is not for wimps! They are both strong and motivated and it is a joy to see them working together on another project. They finished their studio within the first three weeks of moving down here and are now working in their business and saving like mad for the steel to start the next part of their home build. They both have a strong work ethic and accomplish so much, can you tell we are just a little bit proud of them? The apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.

This is a little before and after video of how they transformed their studio area

Now on with how we saved money this week-

1. Ate from the freezer for a couple of meals, we had frozen down the leftover roast meat from Christmas so with week we had two meals of roast pork and roast lamb rolls, just perfect for this horribly hot weather we are having at the moment.

2. Tried a new way of folding pastry to stop any wasted pastry while making pies in my Kmart pie maker. I am so loving the pie maker and have used it every weekend to make perfect eggs for our breakfast and last night I made Cheesy Corn Cakes in them, have you hopped on the Kmart pie maker band wagon yet? The pies below are Chicken and Leek pies and I will be popping the recipe up next week.

3. Rinsed the quinoa for a salad over a bucket of water to stop any wasted water, quinoa requires a lot of rinsing and I can't bear to see good water running down the drain

4. Saved the bacon fat from when I oven baked the bacon for breakfast on Sunday, I let the bacon fat cool a little then decant into a jar I keep in the fridge

5. Ate baked beans for dinner on Friday night, it costs very little and we love our night off from cooking

How did you save money or time this week?

Have a lovely day,

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  1. I really must dig out my pie maker, Fi. It was a wedding gift and I can honestly say that I've used it less than a handful of times in 24years!! On the frugal front this week:

    1) Made a large leftover roasted veg frittata to take to my new workplace for shared lunch.
    2) Made a big tub full of salad using up bits and pieces from my crisper - wombok, capsicum, baby spinach, carrot, spring onion, cashew nuts etc. - dinner last night and lunches today.
    3) Filled up car when price of fuel came down.
    4) Turned off lights, wash machine, tv, microwave, toaster etc. at powerpoints when not in use.
    5) Sewed a lovely top with linen-like fabric I bought on sale.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hi Meg,
      I had a pie maker years ago too but didn't like that it wasted so much pastry, I have now discovered a fold over technique that stops that waste completely. I will share the technique tomorrow. Love your frugal list too. Have a lovely day,

  2. We love our pie maker and make chicken and leek pies. I also made crumpets in the pie maker last year and you make them with the lid up and when they are done you just brown them in the pan. I made a whole heap of them and froze them. Perfect round shapes using the pie maker. They took about 5-6 minutes per batch to cook through.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for the idea of making crumpets in the pie maker, I did see a recipe for crumpets by Jamie Oliver a while ago, I'll have to try and find it. I made some lovely cheesy corn cakes in it last week, they were just lovely.

  3. So nice that the younger generation are helping you.
    Frugal/ simple this week
    Cut the bottom off my tube of moisturiser - there's a lot I can still use
    Also put a couple of drops of water in my foundation make up bottle and shook it up - lots to use up now. I don't wear makeup often these days so I think it dries up over time.
    My husband spread homemade compost over some garden beds and pruned and tidied lots of the shrubs. He also renewed the sealant around our shower tray.
    I have a basket in the utility room where I put all the stray socks and I sorted through and made up several pairs. I don't know where the others go!?
    Cleared and cleaned the coat cupboard in the conservatory and rediscovered a warm padded jacket for dogwalking - I had thought I needed to buy a new one so very pleased to find this again.
    Discovered in this clean up that two umbrellas had holes in them and found a replacement in the charity shop for a few pounds.
    Mended two woollen gloves
    Bought a birthday card from the charity shop too.
    My husband received a bottle of wine as a thank you for helping at a youth organisation competition
    Our daughters and SIL treated us to a lovely meal out to celebrate my 60th birthday ( I don't look a day over 59!).
    Fiona - I'll be missing in action next Friday as we're going to Paris for a few days as a joint celebration of both our birthdays.
    Not frugal but fun!

    1. Hi Penny,
      I do the same thing to our toothpaste tube, there is still so much left in the tube even after giving it a good squeeze. Love your frugal list this week and have a ball in Paris, you deserve it! What a way to spend your special day.