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What we bought, spent and ate this week

Saturday, 29 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I've already given you a sneak peak this week of what was on our dinner table this week with this post and also this one, but I will still go ahead and show you the rest of the food that came into our house last week.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'm struggling with the thought of eating meat and I am purposely reducing the amount of meat we are eating by making plenty of delicious meat free recipes. I am still to talk to LH about my intentions of eating a lot less meat or no meat at all, I feel the gently, gently approach is best, so for the moment I will just continue on using up what meat we have in the freezer and use it sparingly.

From next week our menu will run from Wednesday to the following Tuesday due to LH changing his work days, so we've only bought enough till Wednesday then he will do another shop for the following week. I guess the logical thing to do would have been to just do a longer menu to incorporate the new way the menu will run, but I just didn't have the brain space.

Here is what we bought, spent and ate this week-

What we bought

What we spent

What we ate

Friday-Our last night of camping-steamed potato, baked beans, sour cream and chopped tomatoes

Saturday-Chicken and Corn Soup with buttered toast. The soup was from the freezer.

Sunday-Beef Ragu-Thermomix Style

Monday-Prawn Stir Fry

Tuesday-Left over Prawn Stir Fry with Asian Omelette

Wednesday-Tempura Whiting with steamed Basmati Rice and Bok Choy

Thursday-Left over Beef Ragu over Baked Potato with Tomato, Avocado and Sour Cream

I'd love you to share what was on your family table this past week, go ahead, make my day.

Have a lovely day,

Because 2020 is a leap year, there is only one post for the 29th February, from four years ago-


This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 28 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I noticed for the first time this week that our summer days are getting shorter, the mornings are much darker all of a sudden and the seasons change has really crept up on me. It has been a very hot summer with lots of rain which has been a blessing, it was like the summers I remember growing up in Gympie, a stinking hot day followed my a storm at night with lots of rain.

In hind sight, I could have easily filled my garden with veggies this summer but I erred on the side of caution as we weren't expecting as much rain as we've had, never mind my pumpkin vines are sprawling all over and out of the garden this year with a second bloom of baby pumpkins coming on in the last two weeks. I thought once a pumpkin vine had set its fruit that was it but my pumpkin vine mustn't have got the memo! So it looks like the pumpkin vine will be staying in the garden for a little bit longer this year till all the pumpkins have grown big enough and matured on the vine.

Here's my 5 frugal things-

1. Shared a dinner at home with our daughter and her fiancé on Wednesday night, our amazing future SIL wanted to clean and tweak LH salt water fish tank, so we invited them for dinner. We had Tempura Whiting, steamed basmati rice and Bok Choy. We caught the Whiting when we went camping last week, LH filleted the fish, laid them neatly on a tray, sealed them and froze them down within hours of being caught, we are so lucky to have access to fresh fish.

2. Used a stretchy silicon cap to seal the end of a cut sweet potato, it will keep the sweet potato fresh to the last bit. Love no waste. I received the silicon veggie saver from  "Mighty Nest" years ago when I had a subscription. 

3. Stretched half a kilo of mince with half a kilo of veg to make this Beef Ragu. We both had it for dinner on Sunday with LH having seconds, plus I packed two lunches for LH and we had the rest of it last night over a baked potato with sour cream, chopped tomato and avocado. 

4. Used up the rest of the Weetbix we took camping as it was approaching its best before date, we also bought canned fruit this week to have with the Weekbix, we bought the SPC Australian canned fruit, I thought it was good value for money at $3.50 for a 825 gram can. 

5. Re-used a piece of baking paper when baking the potatoes for dinner last night, I had previously used this piece of baking paper when baking some homemade panini. I simply flipped it over to re-use it. 

Your turn, how did you save money this week?

Have a lovely day,

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From my Sewing Room

Thursday, 27 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I haven't done a sewing/quilting post for a very long time mainly due to the fact that I just hadn't been doing much of that of late. However just after Christmas I started on a new quilt for us. I have now finished the top and on the weekend I will drive out to Spotlight to buy the backing fabric (Spotlight have a sale going on at the moment). In the mean time I have been having fun using up all the leftover scraps of fabric and orphaned blocks to make a really scrappy quilt.

I first saw a string quilt at a friends place a few years ago, her darling Mum had made it and I thought it was just lovely, you can see by the photo above that none of the fabrics match but that is the beauty of this type of quilt, it means you can use up every last scrap of fabric you have laying around. Now I don't have a large quantity of leftover material or so I thought, you wouldn't believe how far that leftover fabric has gone.

Phone book paper was originally used to make the strip quilts, using a technique called foundation paper piecing, but I am using up some brown paper that I received a gift in last year. I have simply cut out ten inch squares, used a glue stick to adhere a strip of white fabric diagonally across the square and then you sew another strip of fabric onto the first piece and so on until you have covered your block of paper, then you cut away the excess overhang of fabric from the square of paper. Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company has this great tutorial on making String Quilts and I just love it. I love the natural interactions between Jenny and her DIL Misty, they make a great team.

So I just keep adding to this scrappy quilt, it looks like it will be quite a big quilt when it is finished, nothing matches, the colours clash, none of the blocks are similar, but I just love it. Can you see the middle-ish block that is of a cream colour? I made that when I first started quilting about 6 years ago, this is the tutorial I used, it is so very simple and so very effective. The other technique I used is a simple 9 patch boarded by 4 triangles and turned on the diagonal. I also have lots of "Tiny Houses"blocks left over from the last quilt I made for one of my Grand Nieces, (I over calculated) and I just love them so much, they won't go to waste!

It looks quite wonky and disjointed at the moment as it isn't sewn together as yet but I will post an update when it is finished. 

Are you a quilter? How do you like to use up leftover scraps of fabric?

Have a lovely day,

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Wednesday Roundup

Wednesday, 26 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Today I am taking a page out of the "Family Corner" blog and doing a bit of reflection and a general roundup of what is going on about our home and how I am currently feeling. I think I have a case of post holiday blues as I feel a little lost and aimless. I'm also not sleeping very well, waking at about 2ish (I never look at the time) and then my mind takes over, reviewing things that went on the day before or simply playing a tune, last night it was a Paul McCartney song "My Love" has anyone else had a song play in their mind during the quiet of the night?

So here's a bit of a brain dump with thanks for the inspiration from the lovely Sandra-

On my mind-

The job interview! I have submitted the application and now have to wait to see if I get an interview, I am preparing as much as I can for this terrifying process. I haven't done an interview for a very long time and when I get nervous I forget important things, my voice wobbles and my stutter rises to the surface. The other story that is always ready to step up in the middle of the night is the tragedy of a beautiful mother and her three children that had their lives taken away from them through domestic abuse. I have no words...

On the breakfast plate-

In the interest of using up a box of almost out of date Weetbix ( they had been in the camp box since the last time we went camping) and the rest of the Cocoquench, we are both having Weetbix, honey and tinned fruit for breakfast. We opted to buy some SPC Australian tinned fruit this week instead of fresh fruit and we are both enjoying it for a change. It certainly frees up my time of a morning as I usually cut up two bowls of fruit to have with our homemade yoghurt every morning. That's another thing I didn't do on Sunday, I knew I wouldn't have time to make yoghurt and muesli along with everything else I had to do to get ready for the week ahead.

On my reading pile-

I'm still reading Vegan-ish by Jack Monroe and Jamie Oliver's Veg to inspire me to make more plant based meals. I'm also reading my application over and over and that is how my mind absorbs information.

On my TV-

Except for the news I'm not watching any TV not even Gardening Australia or Landline, I've just lost interest in sitting down on Sunday's and watching these shows.

On the menu this week-

We arrived home from camping of Saturday so I'll just start the menu then-

Saturday-Left over chicken and corn soup with buttered toast
Sunday-Beef Ragu
Monday-Prawn Stirfry
Tuesday-Leftovers from last night
Wednesday-Tempura Whiting with rice and Bok Choy
Thursday-Baked Potato and left over Beef Ragu with sour cream

From next week Lovely Hubby is changing his work days, he will now be working Thursday and Friday so our grocery shopping day will change to Wednesday and as such so will how our menu flows, it will change to a Wednesday to Tuesday format instead.

From the camera-

This sunrise was taken on Saturday morning, isn't just beautiful!

Looking around the house-

I can see areas that need my attention, there is a basket on the altar table which is overflowing with stuff that needs to be sorted and the office desk is full of Ninjas black hair...due to...this...she loves to sit on the desk while you're typing away and nudges you for pats. She is not the worlds most affectionate cat so this is quite cute.

This basket needs my attention

Housework I'm not looking forward to today or this week-

Dusting and polishing the timber furniture, I try and do it at least every few weeks but it easily gets out of hand.

Join in, what is happening in your corner of the world? You can cut and paste if you like and leave a comment.

On My Mind
On the Breakfast Plate
On My Reading Pile
On My TV
On the Menu This Week
From the Camera
Looking Around the House
Housework I'm Not Looking Forward To Today or This Week 

Have a lovely day,

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Our Latest Visit to Simply Good

Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Following on from yesterdays supermarket grocery haul, today I thought I would share with you what we bought from Simply Good on our last visit, which was the Saturday before we left for camping. It was a big shop from this bulk store as it had been longer than usual since we visited, 6 weeks rather than the usual 4 weeks. I also bought more than I usually would of some items just so they will last longer, I would like to get into the habit of going every 6 weeks as the 4 weeks comes around so quickly.

I love this store and I seem to discover something new every time I visit, this last time I found that they stock nutritional yeast which seems to be in a lot of vegan/vegetarian recipes to give a recipe a "sharp cheese" flavour. As I will be making more meat free meals in the future I will be picking up a jar of this next time I visit.

We did lash out and buy a huge jar of chocolate covered peanut toffee, this is my absolute weakness and would normally only buy a small jar of it, enter LH, he lead me astray and we ended up filling a huge coffee jar full of it. I almost fell over when I saw how much it cost, but again it will last a long time. Does anyone remember the "Scorched Peanut Bar?" I must have eaten my body weight in these in my youth, it is a wonder I have any teeth left, well, these little bites of heaven taste just like the original Scorched Peanut Bar, no wonder I love them so much.

Simply Good isn't as fancy as some upmarket bulk food stores like "The Source" but for me the cost saving and the close proximity is worth it and I've never been a follower of fashionable stores anyway.

Have a lovely day,

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What we bought, spent and ate last week

Monday, 24 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I thought I might as well go ahead and pop this post up even though it is not on its usual posting day, I also don't have any photos of what we bought as LH usually takes the photos for me but as we were going away camping he didn't think I would bother doing a post. Never mind I have the receipts to keep me on track.

We really didn't need to buy too much as the previous week I had made and frozen down a couple of meals to take away with us and also I had been buying a few bits and pieces to put towards our camping trip along the way. We had bought Weetbix and Cocoquench a few weeks ago as that is what we always have for breakfast while camping, it makes for a quick, easy and delicious breakfast.

We also ate out once and got takeaway once before we left, we don't celebrate Valentines Day but we both love Sushi so we decided to treat ourselves to a dinner out and as we had such a huge day on Saturday preparing everything and packing for going away camping, we bought a couple of cheap pizzas to make an easy night of it. Swings and roundabouts!

What we bought and spent 
-Baking paper x 2, free range eggs, slivered almonds, 1 x lime, bag of washed potatoes (for camping), butter, ibuprofen, capsicum, sour light cream and beef mince for the dogs

-Rice Bran oil, tartare sauce & hot cross buns

Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$4.50
-half a wombok and a carrot for this salad

What we ate

Friday-Valentines Day-we treated ourselves to Sushi, the simple avocado roll is my favourite 

Saturday-Pizza-Dominoes have bought back their $5 value range so we ordered a couple of Pizzas for ease as we had been packing and organising all day for camping and were just exhausted. This one is the Spicy Veggie Trio and was totally delicious 

Monday-Rissoles with Crunchy and Colourful Salad and steamed potato and sour cream 

Tuesday-Chicken and Corn Soup with buttered toast

Wednesday-Sausages with the same salad as above and a steamed potato and sour cream 

Thursday-Salmon and Brie Pies with the same salad again and another steamed potato and sour cream 

Friday-Steamed Potato, baked beans, sliced tomatoes and sour cream

Join in, what was on your family table last week?

Have a lovely day,

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Sunny Side Up Sunday

Sunday, 23 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Yesterdays Sunrise on Our Beach 

Today I am thankful for our soft comfortable bed. I love camping and having a little getaway but nothing compares to sleeping in your own bed.

What are you thankful for today?

Have a lovely day,

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Good Morning

Friday, 21 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Not much to say today, the days are flying by and only have one day left on the beach before packing up the camp early tomorrow morning. The park has had an influx of caravans here for the weekend and there are also lots of vehicles heading up to the beach camp area, it’s going to be a busy weekend. We love the camp and beach when there is hardly anyone else around that’s why we never take holidays during Christmas, Easter and school holidays.

Have a good day everyone, 

Our Days

Thursday, 20 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve been up since 6 am again, we’re both sleeping quite well, it must be the noise of the waves crashing onto the beach that is acting as a white noise machine. Lucky for me as LH forgot his CPAP and as I’m very sensitive to any noise at night (read ... the sound he makes when he snores is like a freight train) I’m so very grateful for this constant background noise that masks any of his snoring! He is waking more tired than usual though so he is missing the therapeutic benefits of his CPAP.

We’ve had a family of kangaroos visit every morning as well as a pair of curlews, they are a beautiful bird but very shy, check out my Instagram feed for a couple of little video of them over the last couple of days.

These tiny flowered look like miniature passionfruit flowers

They are on a vine growing wildly through the bush area of the camp  

After I have freshened up for the day we have breakfast, we always have weetbix with honey and coco quench when we camp but this time we bought along a couple of cans of SPC peaches that we picked up at the Golden Circle Factory Outlet the last time we were there. It makes for an easy, filling and delicious start to the day. After breakfast I make our lunch and pack it in the little esky, boil the kettle again for the thermos, brush our teeth and apply copious amounts of sunscreen and we’re ready for the day.

Yesterday was hard going again fishing wise, I caught one bream and LH caught six whiting, hopefully today will be a better day, yesterday it was blowing a roaring northerly but today it’s a more gentle south easterly, that will make it more comfortable on the beach. 

Hope you all have a lovely day, 


Some Photos of Today

Tuesday, 18 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

We’ve had a much better day on the fishing front, between us we caught 18 fish, that makes 24 in total for 2 days on the beach. It was lovely and cool on the beach and while having my feet and legs in the water when fishing but when you start walking back up towards the truck that’s when you feel the heat. We are now back at camp sitting out the front enjoying the cool breeze and a Blood Orange Bunderburg soft drink, talk about refreshing.

We’ll walk over soon and have the very best $1 shower you could ever have, I always feel like I’ve been to a day spa after one of these showers, it must be the water.  Dinner is easy tonight, we are having some chicken and corn soup with buttered toast.

Before we left for the beach early this morning we made lunch to take with us as we knew we would be on the beach most of the day, I made the bed and cleaned up the kitchen, we then packed the truck and were on the beach by 8am, they are big days but we love them so much.

Have a lovely afternoon,