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OP Shopping Bargains, February 2020

Thursday, 13 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I love this dress! 

It has been a very long time since I did a post of Op shopping bargains, in fact the last one I did was August 2016, that's a long time between posts, so I will remedy that today. I pop into the Op shops we have on the Peninsula about once a month and usually find some bargains. I always look through the t-shirts, shorts and jeans as these seem to be my home uniform. I occasionally look through the dresses but as I'm an odd shape (very short waste and long from the hip to the knee) only certain types of dresses suit me, so finding a nice one is quite challenging.

As you'll see from the photos below I am drawn to stripes and blue and white and black and white, all the t-shirts are like brand new and the navy and white playsuit still had tags on (sorry no photo), it will be perfect for after a shower when we go away camping next week, I just need to buy a soft bandeau style bra to pop underneath it for modesty.

When I need something, either for the home or my wardrobe, I will always hit the Op shops first as you never know what you'll find. Luckily the Op shops on the Peninsula still have sensible prices, we did have an "Endo's" (Endeavour Foundation) but it has now closed down. I used to shop there years ago but stopped going as their prices increased so much and were ridiculously high, no wonder they closed down. I now only shop at "Save the Children" or "Lifeline" and happily those two stores are virtually next door to one another so it's almost a one stop shop.

Here are a few items I have picked up in recent times-

I needed some more plastic containers to take morning tea and lunch to work, I also needed some containers to store the dog mince in. I portion the mince up and store just two days worth of mince in the containers, freezing and then defrosting as needed. I made sure the containers had no odour to them and that they sealed well. And the big white bowl has become my new favourite to prove our bread in, it is just the perfect size. The containers were 50 cents each and the bowl was $3.

And that lovely black and white dress that I picked up for $5, the brand is Naughts and Crosses, has anyone reading heard of this brand? 

And last Saturdays finds, warning, I am not good at taking a photo of me!

These were the only shorts I could find, they are a good fit and feel comfortable. I picked up the zip up sun protection top quite a while ago for $1. This will be my uniform of sorts for camping up the beach next week.

Over to you, Dear Reader, have you discovered a great little local OP shop? What is your best find?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Your charity shop items are Brisbane the prices are more expensive which to be honest I don't think they need to be. Have a great camping trip too.

  2. Hi Fiona,

    you found some great Op shop bargains -well done. The dress is lovely and the pattern is striking. The style and colours really suit you and the dress is very flattering. A great choice.

    I love op shopping. Kitchenware and cookbooks are my weaknesses. If I need something I try the Op shops first too.

    I have found some great bargains in the past. My best find would be the as new "Tefal Fresh Express Food Grater" that cost $6. I have seen it on Gumtree for as much as $80 and an almost identical product at Aldi for $30. It is handy for grating and slicing and quicker and easier to use and wash than my food processor. I use it often to grate carrots and zucchini for fritters, cakes, and savoury vegie slices.

    I think I might be visiting our local op shops this weekend.

    Enjoy your camping trip.

    Cheers, Maria xx.

  3. Great legs Fiona! Your clothing buys look good on you . We have lots of charity shops in nearby towns and I particularly favour the one raising money for our local hospice. Last spring I found three pairs of trousers all new with their tags on and bought them for £19. This was a huge saving as they were a good brand. I always search charity shops first when I need something.