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The Vegetarian Recipes Label

Monday, 10 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Pumpkin and Lentil Chilli=Vegetarian (minus the yoghurt, of course)

Today I want to amend the Vegetarian Recipes label on my little blog. I have used the term "Vegetarian" in a loose and flexible way, when really it should read "Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian Recipes" but that is quite the mouthful. It was a lovely reader, Kelly who bought my attention to this really quite terrible oversight, she simply said-

"Hi Fiona
These recipes look very yummy - I can't believe they're all vegetarian actually! Do you have any tips or suggestions of which vegetarian recipes to start with, to hopefully win a thumbs-up from my meat loving family? Many thanks, Kelly

Cheesy Artichoke Pasta Bake=Meat Free

If a true and vigilant vegetarian looked at these recipes they would be very confused, as you simply can't call a recipe with animal products in it, vegetarian. So, as from today the recipes that are veggie based recipes but have eggs or dairy in them will be labelled as "Meat Free Recipes".
I hope I haven't upset anyone who went searching for a true vegetarian recipe on my blog with this oversight, apologies if I have. Thanks again Kelly for your gentle questioning, I truly appreciate it.

Have a lovely day,

One Year Ago-Sunny Side Up Sunday


  1. Oh dear Fiona, I'm so sorry if I caused you any stress or worry due to my comment! I definitely wasn't questioning your labels for your recipes, I don't mind at all what you call them. And I agree with your original label as vegetarian, which I have always thought means any recipes without meat. I meant it as a compliment that your recipes look so delicious, they look so much better than the image I picture in my head when I think of vegetarian meals. As I was raised in a meat eating family, I don't know many vegetarian recipes and I guess mostly worried they would be a bit boring, plain and that they would still leave my family feeling hungry!! But your vegetarian recipes look so good, that I'm hoping my family won't even notice anything (ie. meat) is missing! Have a great day. Sorry again for any confusion, Kelly

  2. Hi Dearest Kelly,
    Darling girl, you haven't caused me any stress what so ever, with my fresh eyes regarding the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle I just realised my mistake in labelling. Thank you again for highlighting this with me and please do have a go at any of the meat free or vegetarian recipes, I think they are all mostly family friendly. Have a lovely day,