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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 7 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

It's been another week of groundhog days, with nothing out of the ordinary happening, just time spent between work and home. My main focus has been getting everything done in a timely manner so I can get to bed early, talk about a rockstar life! I sometimes wonder if I am depriving myself of a more interesting life by making our home my main focus, everything I do is centered around our home and garden. I don't make plans to go out socially and avoid it completely if I can, am I missing out? And if I am, what am I missing out on?

We are slowly getting organised to go away camping in a little over a weeks time and this coming week I will be making a few double batches of meals so I can freeze the other half for taking away camping with us. We will need 6 dinners, I already have a batch of chicken, leek and corn soup in the freezer from a few weeks ago, I'll make this Cheesy Artichoke Pasta Bake, as it makes a big quantity and we both love it. I'll also make up this rissole mix and take a packet of sausages from the freezer. Along with these dinners I will bake some Salmon and Brie fold over pies (using this method) for dinner this week and freeze the rest then all we need to do and defrost them and heat them through, I think they'll make an easy and delicious camp dinner. And the sixth meal will be...wait for it...baked beans on a steamed potato with sour cream and grated cheese, talk about gourmet!

I guess one thing that is good about staying home is not having the temptation of spending any money, the only thing we spent money on this week apart from the groceries was a packet of bean sprouts, some more Asian greens and some ginger, Lovely Hubby picked up the bean sprouts on Wednesday afternoon to go in a prawn stir fry and I picked up the ginger and Asian greens yesterday afternoon as we had an impromptu family dinner last night of steamed fish with ginger and spring onions, rice and veg.

I am saving every cent I can at the moment in anticipation of getting a quote for having the inside of the house painted, I actually have no idea how much it will cost but I am imagining it will be quite a lot. Has anyone reading recently had their home painted? Would you share how much it cost you, just so I can get a rough idea?

Now on with how we saved money this week-

1. Made a lovely light wholemeal loaf of bread, we bought a very fine wholemeal flour from "The Source" bulk produce store last year, it is a very finely milled wholemeal and made a beautiful light, golden hued loaf.

2. Had baked beans on toast with grated cheese and sour cream for dinner one night, it is cheap and easy. 

3. Washed and dried a small head of lettuce then stored it in a cloth lined, sealed container to keep it crisp and lovely till the last leaf was used. Love no waste.

4. Reused some baking paper when baking our muesli. This is the third time this piece of baking paper has been used for this purpose and it's still good for a few more yet. 

5. Used up the last of the roast lamb from Christmas from the freezer in this curry

Your turn, how did you save money this week?

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Hi Fi, your wholemeal loaf looks delicious! My parents recently had their house painted, inside and out, and I know it was thousands - but as they said, it will "see them out"! I can find out the amount if you like? I am trying to be a better blog reader by commenting this year so here goes...πŸ˜‰
    1. Took my lunch and home made coffee in my keep cup to work.
    2. Saved the ends of the grated garlic to put in the chickens' water.
    3. Used some of the recycling (toilet rolls etc) to hide treats for my dog (she loves tearing them up and then I pick all the bits up to put in the recycling bin!)
    4. Finished sewing a top from some material bought on holiday (not exactly frugal but cheaper than buying new!)
    5. Saved the basil heads for seeds. I haven't done this before, so hopefully it will work.
    Thanks for making me think about my daily life through a new lens. And, I don't think you're missing much by staying home...I feel exactly the same way! Cheers, Melanie 😊

    1. Hi Melanie,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment, it really makes all the difference to me and my little blog. I would appreciate it if you did find out how much it cost your Mum and Dad to paint the inside of their home, just so I have a starting point.
      I love your frugal listπŸ‘Can I ask what putting garlic in the chickens water bowl does for them?
      To me my home is my sanctuary, a place to run to, not from...hope you have a wonderful weekend. Fi

  2. It's a great idea having meals made for your camping as you can sit down at the end of a long day and enjoy not making a big mess to clean up plus having another meal of it in the freezer for when you get home.

    1. Hi Kathy,
      It’s a great idea isn’t, I learnt the idea from a fellow camper, the last time we camped at Noosa North Shore. It will really feel like a holiday. Hope you have a great weekend, Fi

  3. Hello Fiona.

    Your comment regarding the baked bean and steamed potato dinner planned for your camping trip made me smile.
    Baked beans, potatoes, sausages, toasted sandwiches, bacon and eggs would be on the menu for most campers. The rest of the dinners you have planned are gourmet. I would gladly go away on a camping trip if you were in charge of the meals and no mozzies 🦟 🦟were invited.πŸ˜‰

    Frugal this week-

    Used up some of my sourdough starter to make flatbread.

    Sold 1 dozen eggs.

    Hubby collected as much rainwater as he could when it rained during the week. (In spare wheelie bins, buckets, tubs and the kids' ancient clam shell.) A rainwater tank is on our to- do list this year.

    Picked sugar plums, figs, lemons, limes and apples from our trees and some rhubarb. I will stew the rhubarb and some apples and freeze ready for future baking.

    Picked lots of cucumbers. We have given away many and had cucumber in salads for lunch and dinner nearly every day. Since the bees found the cucumber flowers and have worked their magic, the plants produce more than we can use.
    Picked zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, rocket and herbs.

    Made a yummy vegetarian meal of eggplant fritters and salad using mainly home grown produce. The parmesan cheese was the only bought ingredient.

    It really makes a difference to the amount spent on fruit and vegies, by having even a small vegie garden and a few fruit trees if there's room. Lemons are $9kg atm.πŸ™

    Speaking of gardens, I love what your very thoughtful daughter and future SIL did in your old corner vegie garden. It looks terrific. Happy planting and harvesting.

    Have a great weekend lovely Fiona
    Cheers, Maria xx

  4. Hi Maria,
    I have garden envy every time you list what you are able to pick from your abundant garden. Maybe I should rethink not growing much in summer, maybe next year?
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Fi

  5. Hi Fiona
    Yes thank you we had a wonderful time in Paris - it is such a beautiful city.
    I don't think you're missing out by not socialising and staying home - you have human contact through work and your family and we are all allowed to be different. Home is your happy place as it is for many of us.
    I don't know how English prices will compare to Australia but last year we had a large room in the house painted( and some making good of rough plaster) and it cost £480.
    Frugal/ simple ( excluding Paris!)
    Now I am 60 I get free prescriptions from the NHS when needed and my pension from a long ago job in the Civil Service started to pay out. There was a small increase on what I expected. It's still not much but I'm glad of it.
    My husband has been spreading mulch and homemade compost on more garden beds has reroofed the potting shed.
    I turned some sad veggies into soup
    One of my orchids has come back into flower so I've moved it into a prominent position
    Used homegrown raspberries from the freezer in a cake
    My husband and I have been combining errands so we don't use too much fuel
    Reducing plastic waste I researched and bought toothpaste in a tube that can be recycled.
    Have a lovely weekend

    1. Hi Penny,
      Sorry for the late reply, thank you, as always, for your kind words, you always seem to sum up how I feel.
      Love your frugal list, you are saving so much money in the garden, around the home and the kitchen too!

  6. I’ve just crawled into bed Fiona, but we did have an investment property painted a few months ago, I’ll look up the price in the morning and let you know.

    1. Thank you Cheryl, I would appreciate it,

    2. Hi Fiona, just getting back to you about the painting. It’s probably not the best comparison, because I did ALOT of the prep work (scrubbed walls, sanded, filled holes etc) We had the ceilings, walls, doors and all architraves painted plus some timber slats around the base of house (which hubby and I helped with) and it cost us approximately $5,700. It was a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, laundry and combined kitchen, lounge/dining. I hope it gives you a starting point. If your quote comes in cheaper I’ll cry! πŸ˜‚ I did so much prep work!! 😩 But it’s done now and it looks great!

    3. Oh also that covered the paint I bought to paint the timber on the back deck and the fence (which I did myself, but the painter let me buy the paint on his account, because it was a little cheaper)

  7. Hi Fi, my parents are saying it was roughly $4000 to have the inside of their house repainted (they have a two storey house, but not huge..3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms). The painter did a really beautiful job. They live in a rural area, so possibly less options for quotes etc than you might have. Good luck! Garlic is a natural wormer and mite prevention for chickens. Cheers Melanie

    1. Hi Melanie,
      Thank you for getting back to me with the house painting quote, it gives me a starting point at least.
      I wish I could keep chickens but I have no grass and two dogs that would continually harass them! Have a lovely day,