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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 14 February 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I really don't know if we'll get to go camping next week, we are due to leave on Sunday and have already done so much preparation for going away, but the weather gods have got together and whipped up a cyclone together with a delicious side salad of a rain depression. We will probably make the decision late Saturday afternoon, we just have to wait to see what cyclone Uesi does. It seems LH and I can control the weather, every time we plan to go camping, a weather event occurs.

It's been a big spend week with our little woofs having a vet appointment each, Pippa had to have her teeth cleaned and Lulu had to have an ultrasound on her liver and heart. The poor little love has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart and now needs to be on medication for the rest of her life, this made me very sad to think of losing her, she still seems like a pup to us. She was already on medication for her liver but now to have a heart condition is very upsetting to me. There had been no outward sign, no fatigue as such, the only change in recent times is that she now is quite anxious at night, I thought it was because of all the rain and storm activity that has been happening, it may be a side effect of the enlarged heart, who knows?

My car rego and LH boat trailer rego is due this month too, so there won't be much saving going on unfortunately. Each pay day I calculate the bills for the next fortnight and only leave that much in the everyday bank account, I then transfer every last cent that is not needed into the "savings" account, if I left all the money in the everyday account it might be frittered away, but transferring the leftover money into the savings account makes the money seem untouchable to me. It is a simple method that works for me. LH and I have one combined account where all the major bills come out of and a few seperate accounts as well, it's a his, mine and ours kind of situation and again it works for us, giving us both some autonomy and responsibility as far as earning, spending and saving money. I like it!

Here is how we saved money this week-

1. Packed my lunch for work everyday and portioned up leftovers for LH to have for lunch too. That way there is no excuse to buy lunch.

My morning tea and lunch today-Vitawheats with butter and vegemite, left over mushroom curry with mango chutney and yoghurt and a piece of peanut and sesame toffee for a treat. 

2. Used our Green Cross membership for the vet bill, we get a discount and a little bit of a discount  and better than nothing.

3. Froze down a portion of this Cheesy Artichoke Pasta Bake to take away camping with us (if we go that is, if not it will be an extra meal that I don't need to cook at home) I also made lots of Salmon and Brie fold over pies to take away with us. I love the idea of cooking once and having an extra meal up your sleeve.

4. Cleaned the house with homemade cleaners, this multipurpose cleaner and this glass cleaner are my favourites

5. Went to the Op shops last Saturday and picked up some bargains, I love Op shopping and except for underwear, I will mostly only buy second hand clothing, I don't see the point in buying new when you can buy clothes of better quality for much cheaper.

One of my latest $3 t-shirts

How did you save money this week?

Have a lovely day,

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1 comment

  1. It's disappointing when the weather won't play nicely isn't it. Hoping you can get away. Dear little woofs - I can understand why you're concerned.
    Simple/ frugal this week.
    Seville oranges have come into the shops so we made eight large jars of marmalade
    It's been a week of breakages - my husband broke a fencing tool and I broke the liquidiser jug on my food processor. We researched best prices and got a small discount on the tool.My food processor is ancient and spares aren't sold but we found a second hand jug on ebay- much cheaper than buying a whole new machine .
    At Christmas I zested several lemons for homemade turkey stuffing and froze the whole lemons. I used a couple this week to make a cake.
    Used the leftovers of a casserole to start homemade soup.
    I was given a bouquet of flowers for my birthday and they're lasting really well because I refresh the water and recut the stems regularly.
    I need another pair of dog walking joggers/ tracksuit trousers and found a brand new pair in a charity shop together with a card for a birthday.
    I have sorted through my fabric stash and chosen suitable materials for a baby quilt for a friend. No need to buy anymore fabric - most of my stash comes from charity shops.
    Today is Valentine's Day and we've agreed no cards, presents or meals out. I'll cook something nice at home.
    Have a good weekend.