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Hi, Are You Okay?

Friday, 20 March 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Last nights sun set

I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. I have purposely not talked about the Covid-19/Corona Virus on my blog, as I feel there is already so much information out there and I don't want to overload you any further by repeating what you already know. After this weeks press release by our Prime Minister it became very clear that our lives have and will change for the foreseeable future. Our economy, our airlines, our access to basic groceries and medications and the change in how we interact with and treat our fellow human beings is just the tip of the iceberg.

I want to ask everyone that pops into this space everyday, how are you, are you and your family okay? Have you been affected by the Covid-19 virus either directly or indirectly? I work in a hospital and the latest news releases come in twice or three times a day. We are changing the way we do business, two assistants may not be needed in our work area in the future, does that mean I will be redeployed elsewhere? Who knows? All I know is that change is imminent. I am pretty sure the job I interviewed for on Tuesday won’t go ahead for a long time or maybe it will, again, who knows?

We are okay, none of my little family have been directly affected greatly by this virus, my daughter is sick with a sore throat and head cold, but it is just that, a head cold. They have decided to stop their main business for the moment, they are tattoo artists and as such need to get up close and personal, for a long period of time, with the public. They have a side line business which is online and is doing well, so they will concentrate on that for the foreseeable future.

Lovely Hubby and our Son run their Massage Therapy business together and have simply asked anyone that is unwell to cancel their appointment, so far so good. They are not as busy but that is okay, they would rather anyone unwell not to come out in public and as a majority of their clients are elderly, they are all doing the right thing.

Our normal everyday life is exactly the same, we haven't felt the need to stockpile any groceries and when LH did the grocery shopping on Wednesday the only thing we couldn't buy was eucalyptus oil and the large tray of mince we use as dog mince, that we normally buy from Aldi, but he was able to buy two small trays instead. Also, just by a complete fluke, I had ordered our toilet paper, paper towel and tissues from Who Gives A Crap only a week before #Toiletpapergate hit the supermarkets, so we're good to go for a while!

This mornings breakfast bowls 

Please take care of yourself and family, reach out to your neighbours, in a social distance-y way and ask the question "Hi, are you okay?"

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Hi Fiona,

    I think this is a good post, and I’m glad you are reaching out to the people in our online community. So glad to hear that all is well with you and your family.

    Up until as early as yesterday evening, I’ve not been overly worried or concerned about the virus, but I read an article explaining why this virus is so much worse than the seasonal flu, and it put the wind up me a bit (the crux of it is most people’s immune systems recognises the flu, even seasonal strains, but not covid 19 as it’s a brand new strain, which has mutated, the human body simply isn’t recognising it as a threat, that’s my simplistic take on it anyway)

    I’ve felt uncomfortable since I read that, it’s given me a paradigm shift that I don’t welcome. But we are well and healthy, I normally maintain a very well stocked pantry, so that has come into its own!! No panic buying here. We intend to lay as low as possible for the next couple of weeks, and only go out when we have to.

    “This too shall pass”

    Take care 🙏

  2. My family [Mum, 2 sisters and 1 partner] were heading to Perth for my nieces wedding after Easter however that's all off now. The wedding at this stage is still going ahead given they have 75 guests however things are changing day to day so even though it's going ahead and we won't be risky even travelling interstate with 2 long 6.5 hour plane flights it's not worth it. I have bought a few extra cans and have bought 3 roast chickens and some mince for the freezer...normally I buy meat fresh and double batch cook a meal and freeze it however if we have to stay home for 2 weeks I felt the need to be prepared. It is very serious and I think day by day it is escalating. My daughter was studying abroad in Canada and she is on her way home with her trip cut short now. I'm staying away from everyone at the moment to be safe.

    1. I think it’s a wise decision to not attend the wedding. So glad your daughter is heading home.

    2. was my friend's daughter studying abroad and will arrive home today for 2 weeks quarantine.

  3. It's the elephant in the room isn't it. Thanks for your thoughtful post, and I think asking "Are you okay?" is the best conversation to have right now. I'm at home with our baby, but all our normal activities have been cancelled so we are a bit isolated. But I'm just focusing on making our home as pleasant as possible. We opened up our living room to make a bigger play area for bubs and she is so happy. I just keep googling gardening and home interior ideas. That's my coping strategy but it's keeping me sane. And it will pass. We just need to be kind to each other. Christina

  4. Thank you for reaching out to everyone Fiona - Im thinking of you and your readers all around the world.
    We are fine, we live in a rural area and always keep a well stocked larder and freezers so no worries there. We have a big garden and back onto woods and fields so walk the dogs without seeing anyone and if we do we wave from a safe distance and pass by. Self isolating is easy for us but I'm sorry for people who are feeling alone.
    My mother's care home has shut their doors to visitors so I can't visit on Mother's Day this Sunday. My mother has dementia and can't understand this crisis so is quite distressed but the staff in the home are going to enable Skype contact for us.
    My casual job in the summer as an exam invigilator has disappeared as the exams aren't taking place. I'm disappointed but in the great scheme of things it's not important.
    Both my daughter's will carry on working - the eldest is a farm vet and animals still need medical attention/ operations and the youngest is a nurse in a respiratory/ infectious diseases ward in a big city hospital. She is absolutely on the front line. Of course we are concerned for her but SO proud of both of them.
    Keep well everyone and keep in touch.

  5. It must be disappointing for you to have waited so long for this new job to come up and then have it maybe disappear in this world turned upside down. I admit to having periodic anxiety attacks but am thankful that I live on a farm where I have lots of safe space to wander and bring anxiety down. My 3 adult children are all in places that are as yet not impacted by the virus, but my eldest daughter is a surgeon in Toowoomba and she is preparing for the inevitable escalation. It is heartening to read about acts of kindness ranging from neighbours looking out for each other, to Samaritan's Purse organisation in Australia taking a fully staffed mobile field hospital to Milan in Italy. I feel like part of a lovely little community on your blog and send thoughts of care and concern out to everyone