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Sunny Side Up Sunday

Sunday, 22 March 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Today I am grateful for our safe neighbourhood, I don't need to be anxious about walking our little woofs (except it there is another dog off its lead of course). Yesterday afternoon we were walking the little woofs when we were approached by a teenage boy, he kindly told us that there was broken glass on the path way up a little further and to be careful of the dogs paws, what a nice young man.

What are you grateful for today?

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Lovely to read such a positive story about a young person. Such thoughfulness! Meg:)

  2. Good morning dear Fiona,

    today I am grateful that you decided to continue posting on your blog.

    While we are all surrounded and overwhelmed by the way this virus has affected us, it is great to read your post each day.
    I look forward to your daily post and enjoy reading about what you have been doing in the kitchen and in the garden.

    At the moment I feel most comfortable doing the simple tasks I usually do.
    I have been keeping myself occupied in the garden and have been baking bread, rolls and bagels for the family. We don't buy takeaway and only eat out on special occasions so I'm continuing to cook our meals as usual.

    We are trying to shop only once a week and getting in and out as quickly as possible.

    I loved your video today. Lulu and Pippa are just so cute. They really are such sweet little girls. Thank you for that lovely video. It has brightened my day.

    During this time when we are advised to limit our contact with family and friends, it is a blessing to be a part of the lovely group of people that are brought together by your blog.
    My very best wishes to all your readers. I'm hoping that everyone takes care and stays healthy. A special hello and love to Penny, Meg and Cheryl.

    Fiona, I hope you and all your family are well and stay healthy. Take care and keep posting as long as you feel like doing so.

    Love and best wishes, Maria xx.

  3. Hello and love to you too Maria.Thank you for the adorable video Fiona - what well behaved woofs!
    Today I am grateful for the bulbs I planted in the autumn, both in the garden and in small pots I am bringing into the house as they flower. They are so cheering.