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Tuesday Tip-Readers Edition

Tuesday, 24 March 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Today I thought I would do a roundup of all the wonderful household tips that readers have posted in response to the Tuesday Tip blog posts. In this uncertain and stressful times I think all of these tips will help to stretch the budget just a bit further and reduce the need to pop out to the supermarkets for just one item.

So, here's cheers and a big thank you to everyone that has contributed a tip to this page, you're all superstars!

Warm the almost empty bottle of cream in the microwave to get every last skerrick of cream out

Penny's Tips-

-When I make chocolate icing for a special cake ( like at Easter) I freeze the surplus.When you take it out and defrost it just needs a quick stir with a fork and it's ready to use - I just iced some little fairy cakes with the excess this week. My freezer is such a help in the fight against waste and staying frugal.

-I pour the remains of a bottle of wine( when there's some left!) into ice cube trays, freeze then bag up. When I make a casserole I take a couple of wine cubes and pop in the slow cooker along with everything else.

-When my Mum was very ill and the armpits of her clothes/ nighties smelt unpleasant I soaked those areas in vinegar before putting them through the wash as usual. Worked really well.

-When I poach eggs in our moulded poach cups I spray the inside lightly with cooking spray and the poached eggs slide out easily and cleanly. Saves a few calories over melting butter in them too.

-Sticking with the fruit theme we put half grapefruit shells in the garden upside down and they act as little shelters for slugs overnight. They can then be removed and disposed of.

-I find plain natural yoghurt so useful and substitute it for lots of things, particularly in cakes to replace some butter or margarine, in sauces which call for mayo, or instead of cream or cream cheese. I rarely rush off to buy a particular spice or herb I just use what I have.

Use the butter wrapper to grease your baking tin
Maria's Tips

-Snap! I love the tip you have shared today. Recently we also had to think of a way to prevent Chipotle in Adobo Sauce going to waste. The meal delivery service we are using while my hand heals, sends 40g pouches of this ingredient for some of the meals. The sauce is hotter than my family enjoys so we only use about half a tablespoon each time. We put the remainder still in its pouch into the freezer. It freezes really well ready for the next spicy meal.

Blitzed Chipotle in Adobo sauce

-In summer when I have a glut of home grown chillis or when I buy them reduced at the supermarket, I put them whole, in a container into the freezer to use at a later time. They are fine in a recipe where they will be cooked but because they soften slightly once they thaw they aren't as nice if used raw in a dish.

Spray your measuring cup with cooking spray when measuring out honey
Gail's Tip

-Not really a tip Fi, however it serves a purpose. My grandmother was always thrifty and when her first pair of rubber gloves got a whole in them, she cut the glove up into elastic bands. I have also do this.

Remove the seeds and membrane with a teaspoon when chopping chilli for less heat

Cheryl's Tip-

-I’m becoming very aware recently of just how effective plain old washing up liquid can be. Since you did your post on the Dawn cleaner, I’ve been using it, and it works well. In fact the other week I cleaned our bathroom with nothing but soap, vinegar, water and elbow grease in varying combinations! How brain washed have we been, being made to believe we needed 100 products to clean a home!

Out of baking paper? Line the baking tray with a butter wrapper 

Jenny O Tip-

-Another product I've found good is shampoo, to remove grimed-in body oils from things like collars or bras or hat sweatbands. After all, it's made to remove oil from hair and scalp! It's also a good way to use up "mistake" shampoo, you know the kind that you buy because your regular brand isn't available and it is wrong for your hair . . .

Elaine's Tips-

-Did you know that shampoo works great at taking soap scum off shower areas? 

-Fiona, I usually use a product here in the USA called Shout to remove stains like that, but sometimes I add Dawn just to make sure the oil stain is removed. I think the reason I grab the Shout is because it's in a handy spray bottle, so maybe I should put some dish washing detergent in a spray bottle. [smile] Thanks for time-tested tip.

Kathy's Tip-

-To clean the microwave place half a lemon in a bowl shallow bowl in the microwave for 2-3 minutes. You can easily wipe the walls and roof of the microwave then. The lemon can be a half used lemon so save the lemons that you have squeezed.

Got a hot tip you'd like to share, leave it in the comments and I will add it to the above readers tips.

Have a lovely day,

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  1. We can all use some extra tips at a time like this. Stay safe.

  2. Interesting to look back at those Fiona. Not really a tip but just something many of us do is to store bars of soap in the undies drawer, they scent things and also keep well. I've discovered a couple of nice soaps in my drawer which can come out into soap dishes for constant handwashing that's going on now.