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Tuesday Tip

Tuesday, 31 March 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Today's hot tip comes from my first TM consultant, from when I bought my second hand TM from her, many years ago. Is that enough "from's" in one sentence?

Anyway, if you cook with turmeric in your Thermomix your lid will most likely end up like this-

And all you need to do to get rid of the stain is to pop the lid out in the sun for a couple of hours and this will be the result. Like it never happened!

So yesterday I tried this trick for my Dyson vacuum cleaner-WHY, I hear you ask. Well, I dropped a whole big jar of turmeric in the pantry a couple of weeks ago and after using the vacuum to clean up the mess, this is the result-

Did it work?

I think it's a slight improvement! 

Have a lovely day,

Three Years Ago-A New Beginning 

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