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What we bought, spent and ate this week

Saturday, 21 March 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Just a little follow up from yesterday's post. I had almost finished typing a post, fully intending it to be the last post on my little blog. I just thought that there were many more important things going on in the world at the moment then writing insignificant things on my blog. But then I thought that my ramblings might be a nice little distraction for those feeling overwhelmed or maybe even those that are isolated.

So I deleted what I had written and re-jigged it to be "Hi, Are You Okay?" instead of "I Think It's Time". Thank you to Christina, Kathy, Cheryl, Penny and Wendy for your thoughtful and valuable input via comments yesterday, as always my lovely readers know just the right thing to say. Thank you.

I did make a couple of new to me recipes this week, one will definitely make it onto the blog very soon but the other one??? Maybe not. The recipe sounded wonderful-Butternut Macaroni Cheese but when I tasted it, it was a bit MEH! It was a Cookidoo recipe, one that is exclusive for Thermomix users prepared to pay for a yearly subscription. One thing I have found is that these recipes are very hit and miss, maybe even more miss than hit! I don't know whether it was the butternut pumpkin I used that caused the lack of flavour but it was just okay. My late FIL would have said, what won't fatten, will fill!

The other recipe was a chickpea curry that was so very, very delicious, I was a bit skeptical having just made the recipe above the day before, I was truly hoping for something better. I changed it up a bit as there were a few ingredients that I just didn't have and it still turned out fabulous, if you don't mind a lack of photos (I didn't bother taking step by step photos as I didn't think it would be as good as it was) I will post the recipe next week.

Now on with the rest of the food-

What we bought

Fruit and Veg from The Northside Discount Fruit Barn 

Aldi and Coles (Bean sprouts and frozen baby peas from Coles)

What we spent
The Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$40.41
Aldi-$35.34 + 2 x 500 gram trays of mince for the dogs picked up on Thursday, I don't know how much they were as LH didn't keep the receipt, I'm thinking about $15, so that makes it $50.34 from Aldi

What we ate

Friday-Baked Beans on toast

Saturday-Pork and Maple Sausages with Creamy Mash and sautéed Silverbeet

Sunday-Fish Burgers on Panini Rolls 

Monday-Prawn Stir Fry

Tuesday-Pan Fried Fish (Snapper) with Maple and Cinnamon Roasted Pumpkin and Nigellas Upmarket Mushy Peas

Wednesday-Butternut Macaroni Cheese-it was okay

Thursday-Chickpea Curry with steamed Basmati rice, yoghurt, green chilli and papadums

Over to you, how much did you spend this week and what was on your family table this week?

Have a lovely day,

Two Years Ago-Sweet Potato Rosti 
Three Years Ago-No Blog Post Today 


  1. Oh goodness it's hard isn't it. I'm so grateful for your blog and updates, but I'm sure all your readers would understand if you do take a break (or leave us - sob). You have to do what's right for you but thank you for spreading some positivity in the meantime. It is lovely to have a cosy place to check into. For anyone interested, there is a lovely facebook group called 'The Kindness Pandemic". There are so many heart warming stories of people looking out for one another. Take care everyone xx Christina

  2. I'm glad you are going to continue writing here, Fi. I love to pop in here and see what you've been cooking. Lovely food on your table as always!

    I think an online community, of like-minded souls, will be really important for many people during this time. It's a place, albeit online, where people can ask if others are okay. A place too to share positive thoughts and offer up some kind words as we are all going to go through this and so it's important to have others to touch base with and check in with too. MegXx

  3. I got my first delivery of F&V spray free delivered to my door this morning from Spray Free Farmacy which I'm very happy about. They also do "pick up locations" which is the majority of their drop offs [I think] however they reduced the home delivery costs and lots of people opted for that option this week given the current climate. I had been going to Northey Street Organic Farmers Markets once a month and they are still open tomorrow however I am keeping away from people and doing the right thing. Sorry about the job situation may not come these times so many parts are moving day to day and in 7 days time things will change again. I am very grateful I know how to bake bread, wraps, make yoghurt and have some meat in the freezer. I now have some amazing organic fruit and veggies so I feel good on the food side and I am not seeing anyone. Families will come together, people will be spending less money as jobs are cut and as crazy and incomprehensible this situation is when we are out the other side in 12 months I think people will be reassessing their lives for the better. No one would wish this upon their worst enemy however putting one foot in front of the other day by day is all anyone can do. Stay safe and enjoy those puppy dog walks with 1.5 metres when you pass someone. xx

  4. Please continue your blog, Fiona! It means so much to so many people!

  5. I'm grateful you decided to carry on blogging Fiona at least for now. You may not think what you write is important but you have created a lovely supportive community and people will need to communicate more not less over the coming months. Hearing from people all over the world is comforting and we may be able to learn helpful things from each other. However please don't feel obliged to blog every day if things get busy or difficult for you - we just don't know what's going to happen do we. Most morale boosting thing this week was homemade coffee and pecan cake - if I keep baking like this we're going to emerge from this period several pounds heavier!

  6. I opened up your blog today and gave a happy sigh of relief. Everything seems so normal and grounded here. This is just what I need. While the world situation is going crazy (and making me a little crazy too) being on this site is like a long, cool glass of water on a hot day. Thank you, Fiona.