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Cinnamon Sugar-Thermomix Style

Wednesday, 8 April 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Just a quick post today for something very simple and easy, Cinnamon Sugar. Why post a recipe for something so very easy, that can be made by anyone? Because I like to share the perfect ratio's for such things. I have been making small batches of cinnamon sugar for years now, mainly to serve with these gluten free banana pancakes but I made a larger jar last Sunday to use in an outstanding Easter recipe that I am going to post tomorrow. Oh, the anticipation!

As usual I have used my Thermomix to blitz normal everyday white sugar with the ground cinnamon to not only mix it well but to also refine the sugar crystals down to a size more like castor sugar, when using cinnamon sugar you don't want large crunchy bits of sugar rather just a fine veil of aromatic sweetness.

All you need is 200 grams of white sugar and 15 grams of ground cinnamon

Add both ingredients to the TM bowl and blitz for 3 seconds on speed 9-that's it!

There will be a fair bit of sugar haze so what I do is pop a cloth napkin under the measuring cup in the lid to stop any haze from escaping and I also leave it to settle for about 10 minutes before I open the lid. Decant into a glass jar. 

Have a lovely day,

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