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I Think She Approves

Monday, 18 May 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I took a little video yesterday afternoon of Ninja's, nearly completely finished, side of the house, it has been a very long time coming and I am so very happy to be so close to finishing it. LH has ordered 4 water tanks that will sit alongside the house, giving us another 2800 litres of water, once it rains we will, hopefully, be drought proof. In total, once the new tanks are filled, we will have 15000 litres of water on hand, how wonderful.

Ninja has free rein to come and go on her side of the house, she has a cat door and her side has a cat enclosure to keep her safe from the little woofs. I have no doubt that the little woofs would harm or even kill her if they had the chance so we've taken every precaution we can to keep her safe. Not that she is grateful, typical cat....

We have planted out cat grass, cat mint/cat nip, ordinary mint and a kind of lily that always grew on that side of the house, I have no idea what it is, but Ninja has never tried to eat it so I'm guessing it will be safe. The old blue water barrels you can see in the video will be dumped as they are quite old and are starting to break down. As we all know, eventually, plastic breaks up, not down!

In the video I also show a quick look at what is growing in the veggie pod at the moment, I have perennial coriander, the newly sprouted choy sum from this little experiment and a rogue basil plant that came up in between the pavers. Love free plants!

Have a lovely day,

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  1. What a glossy puss cat. She looks so healthy.

  2. Hello Fiona, I think your Ninja is lovely, btw I am interested in that white cage thingy with mesh over it, where did you get it from, or did you make it, I think it would be good to put over plants to deter the white butterfly. Also thank you for the recipe you printed for the Chai Spiced Peach Compote I appreciated it.
    Cheers Jana

    1. Hi Jana,
      The white cage thingy is a vegepod, it is a fabulous concept with the canopy keeping the veggies safe from pests and intense weather. It has a wicking system also so the soil stays lovely and moist😀I thoroughly recommend them and have grown so much in it over the years. Hope you have a lovely day, Fi