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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 22 May 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I can't waffle on too much this morning as I am starting early, a work colleague of mine needs to attend to some personal business so I offered to do their hours today. Here's how I saved money and tried to get ahead this week-

1. Started off some more asian greens to sprout in water, these ones are Bok Choy and have grown so much already. The first lot of sprouted Choy Sum have been planted in the Vegpod

I gently snapped off the outer bits of the choy sum before planting the baby veg

2. Made another batch of vanilla yoghurt, I can tell you this never gets old. Creamy, thick and rich in real vanilla, it is divine and probably the main reason I get up of a morning. 

3. Finished installing the last of the water tanks, the initial outlay is expensive but over time it will save us money as the water charges in our area are shockingly high. Once they have filled with rainwater we will have 150000 litres of water. We had some gentle rain yesterday afternoon and into the evening, I wonder how much water has gone into the tanks.

4. Ate fish and prawns from the freezer for three meals this week, LH catches, cleans and cooks the fish and prawns.

Tempura Whiting

Pan Fried Turmeric Snapper 

Prawn Stir Fry

5. Packed my morning tea and lunch for work everyday, I also make sure LH has lunch for the next day, it is usually leftovers from the night before. I store everything in glass see through containers so nothing is missed or overlooked. 

Today's morning tea and lunch-toast and peanut butter and a muesli bar for morning tea and I made a quick fried rice with garlic, ginger, spring onions, broccoli stem, kim chi, a beaten egg and left over rice, I then added a couple of splotches of oyster sauce and scriracha hot sauce. 

How did you save money this week?

Have a lovely day,

One Year Ago-Blah and Yuk 


  1. Last week was a very expensive one with an almost $2700 vet bill and animal hospital stay. Eek...but Sir Steve dog is now recovering and we are so glad for that. Xx

    Savings this week include eating three meals made from a homemade beef and tomato stew, making pizza and popcorn at home as well as slice and biscuits too. Drying washing on racks upstairs during showery weather (we don't own a dryer) and picking up the regular medicine that our son needs for $6 less per bottle at discount chemist.


  2. Hi Fiona
    Those water tanks look great - it's worth spending money on such good resources isn't it. I'm envious of your lovely fresh fish.
    Frugal/simple this week-.
    Won 25 pounds on the Premium Bonds - this gets invested straight back into the savings bonds
    I scan my shopping every week to earn points from a consumer research panel and I redeemed some points this week for a 50 pound Amazon voucher. I sent away for some replacement heads for our wooden and natural bristle washing up brush using the Amazon credit.
    When we cleared my late mother in law's house we found some lovely little cross stitches she had completed. I made one into a card for my sister in law's birthday as I thought she would like her mother's cross stitch.
    Harvested radishes, rhubarb, lettuce and chives from the garden
    Used up lots of odds and ends of teabags we have been given
    I used a big discount from an online retailer to send a T shirt to my daughter who is a Covid nurse- just for a cheer up present.
    Used leftover mashed potato for potato cakes and a lemon I had frozen for lemon drizzle cake.
    Hope you have a great weekend and to Meg hope your dog recovers well.