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Magic Moments

Monday, 29 June 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

We often try to time our afternoon dog walk with the sunset, sometimes we're too late and only have the remnants of what would have been the most amazing sunset, but yesterday we were right on time. When we were leaving the house and just starting to walk across the first little bridge we saw some wonderful colour in the sky and we said to each other we might be lucky today.

Well, I think this is hands down the most incredible sunset I have ever seen in my life. Not just the colour but the second aura created by the residual rain clouds of the day was simply amazing. Sorry, but I'm out of superlatives.

Hope this beauty makes you smile.

Have a lovely day,

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  1. Thank you for giving me a picture of hope and promise. I was looking at some incredible footage of a cloud waterfall yesterday. Nature is wonderful!