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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 26 June 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

This week has just flown by, well of course it has, I've had a week off of work but I still have the weekend to look forward to. In saying that, I am quite excited about going back to work, I only have one more week in my current role (I have worked in a rehabilitation unit assisting the Physiotherapist for last 10 years) and then the following week I will be starting in my new role as a Multi Professional Assistant (MPA) with the Eat Walk and Engage (EWE) Program.

This program has proven itself to be a valuable addition to the hospitals where it has been rolled out, it is a holistic approach to patient centred care, to help prevent delirium and to also help the patient get back on their feet and get home quicker, who wouldn't want that? I am so looking forward to bringing this wonderful program onto some of the acute wards of the hospital where I work.

It hasn't been a frugal week here at SHI, mainly because, well, we didn't stay home instead, we had two days out, which was lovely. On Tuesday we drove up to Simply Good and The Golden Circle Factory Outlet, after those two stores we kept driving up to Maleny where we had a lovely lunch at this little cafe  and picked up a few things at the IGA. I was hoping to pick up my favourite curry powder made by Gourmet Afrika but as I mentioned on Wednesday they are phasing that line out of their store. I was lucky enough to track down the new owner and she is kindly sending me down two jars of the Special Malay Curry Mix by post, I am so very grateful. So, yes the food budget is a lot higher than normal this week.

The few items from the wonderful IGA at Maleny, we ate half the Maleny Double Brie at the beach on Wednesday. The Liddels lactose free yoghurt is for one of our little woofs, Lulu who has a funny tummy at the moment, I'm adding a teaspoon on her food morning and evening to see if it improves her intestinal issues

Items from Simply Good-from left-hand wash, dishwashing liquid and laundry liquid, peanut butter, pink Himalayan salt, buckwheat flour, raw nuts, chocolate peanut toffee, sunflower seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, ground cinnamon and bread flour

Just a few items this time from the Golden Circle Factory Outlet, they didn't have a lot of products that we would buy, this time, they are moving soon and I think they aren't keeping as many lines as they usually do.

Then on Wednesday we went fishing up to our favourite beach, unfortunately we only caught 6, just legal, Summer Whiting and it took us all day to catch just those few. The weather was just glorious though with hardly any wind and the suns warmth shone on us all day. The water temperature was actually warmer than the ambient temperature so being knee deep in the water most of the day was lovely.

At one point I went for a walk along the high tide mark, near the dunes and of course I couldn't help myself and I started to pick up rubbish. I walked approximately 20 meters in either direction of where the truck was parked and I was able to pick up two shopping bags full of rubbish of all sorts. Plastic water bottles (a scourge on our planet) lengths of rope, bits and pieces of coloured plastic in all states of degradation, bottle caps, black tubing and hoses, frozen meal containers, balloons-both normal and helium with the plastic string still attached (of all the things to bring to the beach, I think balloons are the worst of all, turtles think they are jelly fish and consume them, then they slowly starve to death) an esky lid, I even found a pair of shorts and one shoe.

Now lets see if I can think of anything resembling frugal that I achieved over the last week-

1. Fed and turned the compost bin

2. Line dried all the washing, the days have been gloriously warm and dry

Ninja photo bombing the laundry glamour shot

She spends most of the afternoon out in her luxury cat run, we call her the solar cat 

3. Took tea, coffee, a thermos of hot water and our cold water bottles with us when we were on the road two days in a row, we also packed lunch and snacks to take with us to the beach

4. Made a big pot of pumpkin soup from one of our home grown pumpkins and soft fluffy rolls to share with our Son and future DIL next door. They have started to remodel their kitchen and lay new flooring so their home looks like a construction site, we have been supplying them with a few breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Cheaper than takeaway anytime. 

5. Watered the garden using water from our rain water tanks, we now have plenty of water to keep the plants happy.

Your turn, how did you save money this week?

Have a lovely day,

One Year Ago-Citrus Tree Shopping 
Three Years Ago-Shepherdess Pie 


  1. I agree about balloons, Fi. I pick them up too when walking at the beach. They are such a hazard with sea creatures thinking they are jellyfish and the attached ribbon getting wrapped around flippers or wings of seabirds. It just makes me sad.

    We had a pretty frugal week here. Quite a few no spend days. I picked up a few things at factory outlet too this week. For my birthday earlier in week, we had a picnic and went for bushwalk. Along with packed foods, we had pies from a local bakery as treat on cold day. I chose a veg pie which came fresh out of oven filled with lentils, tomato and zucchini. Yum! My son and my hubby made a butter cake and iced it with sprinkles. I got the piece with the candle on it! MegXx

    1. Hi Meg,
      Just getting around to responding to comments this morning (Sunday) so very sorry for the late reply and a very happy belated birthday wish for you, sounds like you had the perfect day, simple and spent with those you love most in the world. Hope you have a lovely week ahead.

  2. Hi Fiona
    The amount of plastic is terrible isn't it. Such damage done to wildlife, good on you for picking it up.
    Your new job sounds really interesting and worthwhile.
    Frugal/ simple this week in baking hot England
    We planted out kale, cabbage, asters, lobelia, French marigolds which my husband had grown from seed and sowed more radishes and lettuce straight in the ground. I repotted basil.
    Picked blackcurrants, redcurrants, raspberries, strawberries, baby carrots, spinach, lettuce, rocket, chives, parsley and thyme. I spent time prepping and freezing lots of bags of soft fruit.
    A friend gave us a homegrown cucumber and another friend gave us cherries from her garden. What an abundance of lovely fresh food.
    Due to lockdown easing our lovely daughters came to see us in the garden and we sent them home with lettuce and strawberries. We pooled resources for the BBQ and I made pudding of our raspberries and homemade brownies.
    Recently when making recipes, especially cake I'm reducing the ingredients so if it says use two eggs I just use one etc and everything has turned out fine.
    I mended a hole in a woollen jumper using the needle felting technique.
    It's mostly about the food this week!
    Enjoy your weekend and happy belated birthday to Meg.

    1. Hi Penny,
      The sheer amount of plastic rubbish in such a small area makes me sad and mad, my small contribution doesn't do much in the scheme of things but it quiets down my frustration at least a little bit.
      Penny, I always love to hear what is growing in your abundant garden, especially the berries, it must be so lovely to go out to your own garden and pick such a lovely assortment of berries. Hope your week ahead is lovely and that the heat settles a bit.

  3. Not sure if I missed the announcement, but congratulations on the new job.