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Wednesday Roundup

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

We had a lovely day out yesterday, we visited Simply Good at Morayfield and the Golden Circle Factory Outlet and then we drove further up the hinterland to have lunch at Maleny and also to buy a few things from the wonderful IGA. I was hoping to pick up my favourite curry blend made by Gourmet Afrika (not a typo) but they only had a few items left of this range.

I picked up one of the GA products from the shelf and found a contact number on it, I really wanted to find out where the special malay curry blend could be found as it is just such an aromatic spice blend. The phone call went through to a place called "Clouds" a lovely local place to stay and holiday, I was a bit confused as I was thinking the number would be for a contact for Gourmet Africa, I found out that the wonderful Matilda Scarfe who started the GA business many years ago had sold it early last year and that the person whom had bought the business worked for "Clouds". Anyway the lovely young man who took the call promised to follow up on my request and took my phone number, I hope he returns my phone call.

Here's what else I got up to over the past week-

On My Mind-
I've been preparing for my new role by buying a lovely green folder with dividers and I also copied the programs logo from the internet and printed it out in colour to slip inside the folder cover, it looks quite official. I have so many ideas to get this program started but I won't go overboard yet.

On the Breakfast Plate-
We had another two big breakfast plates over the weekend, we love it so much

What's Growing Well in the Garden-
Finally things are starting to get going in the garden, the mustard green is growing especially well, but then again it always does. And my little experiment of re-growing Asian greens from the base of mature veg is going so well. I'll take a photo when the sun is up and add it here, pop back later to have a look.

What Project Have I Been Working On-
I am making the little woofs some new winter pyjamas, I've had an old but hardly used soft blanket in the car forever and a day and I thought it would be perfect for some soft and warm winter coats. Pippa had a lovely coat which was a clever design, for a very long time and when it was just about ready to fall apart I took a pattern off of it and made them their current coats. Well, those coats are getting a little tatty so I thought it was time for some new ones. While we were up at Maleny we saw a little Dachshund wearing the most gorgeous and practical coat, the brand is Weatherbeeta and this is the version that the little sausage dog was wearing, they are waterproof and would be ideal for when we walk the woofs in the rain, they don't seem to care about getting wet as long as they get their walk in. I will mill it over and see if I can justify spending that much on dog raincoats.

On the Menu This Week-
My favourite dinner this past week was crumbed calamari, sweet potato chips and a simple salad, LH catches, cleans and cooks the squid. I help him to do the flour, egg and panko coating which makes the calamari super crunchy.

From the Camera-
A glamour shot of the compost bin, each week I add a bucket full of fruit and veg peeling and scraps and coffee grounds, I then mix it in thoroughly with this compost turner and always cover it with the shredded paper from the office.

Looking Around the House-
I have been doing a little bit of decluttering each day and I am happy to say there hasn't been to much to donate, my lack of visiting the shops makes a huge difference in what comes into the house.

Housework I'm Not Looking Forward To Today or This Week-
The vacuuming and mopping needs to be done but as we are heading out the door again today, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Your turn, what has your week been like? Reflect with me a while.

On My Mind
On the Breakfast Plate
What's Growing Well in the Garden
What Project Have I Been Working On
On the Menu This Week
From the Camera
Looking Around the House
Housework I'm Not Looking Forward To Today or This Week

Have a lovely day,

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1 comment

  1. Hi Fiona
    New folders and stationery always feel like a good start to a job or project don't they.
    On my mind- trying to source some bulk buys in our area and turning over possibilities in my mind
    On the breakfast plate - fresh grapefruit, toast and homemade plum jam
    Growing well in the garden - soft fruit and lettuces
    Project - I have stored lots of padded envelopes, bubble wrap etc to parcel up my eBay sales as I declutter but I need to find a proper home for the supplies and keep them under control!
    On the menu - pudding each day is strawberries or raspberries from the garden, sometimes with cream and homemade brownies. Yum!
    On the camera - some vintage style prints I've declutterdd and hope to sell
    Looking around the house - roses on the kitchen table
    Household chores I'm not looking forward to - we have a mini heatwave which is lovely really but it makes gardening so hot, we have to get out there early and then retreat.