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What we bought, spent and ate this week

Saturday, 27 June 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

I think I will have to have a good lie down when I calculate how much money we have spent on food this week, I feel it will be a big week. Along with what we bought we also had a lunch and a dinner out, we do this very rarely and often enjoy the experience. We had lunch at a little cafe in Maleny on Tuesday and it was our first experience of eating out since the relaxation of Covid 19 social distancing laws. To be able to eat at the cafe you first had to complete hand hygiene, then register at the counter, then you had to wait for a table to be available, because of the social distancing law every second table was closed, so it took a while till a table was ready for us. You also had to write down your name and address in a book, I guess they need to know who has been dining with them and where you are from, incase of an outbreak.

The table and chairs where given a thorough wipe down in between patrons eating there too so I am sure they followed all protocols. I ordered a ricotta and spinach parcel with a side salad and LH ordered a BLT with a side of sweet potato chips, both meals were lovely and we chose to sit out the front in the sunshine.

The other meal out was dinner, after being on the beach all day on Wednesday, LH had his heart set on sushi but I wasn't so enthused, I was tired and cold and would have been happy with an egg on toast at home. It was quite late by the time we got to the sushi place (well, late for us-7pm), the sushi place wasn't busy and because of that there was sushi already sitting on the little conveyor belt that goes around and around. Well, we looked at the same food for quite a while before one new plate was put on the track, which LH took as soon as it came around to us, I then ordered an avocado roll and called it good. LH kept taking plates off of the track only to find them cold and disappointing. We won't go there again, even though the owners are just lovely, the main reason you go out to eat is to have something you can't replicate at home and is of good, consistent quality. I would have enjoyed an egg on toast at home so much more.

Along with eating out we also visited our bulk goods place and a factory outlet store and of course we did a menu plan and did the shopping at Aldi and Coles. It was just me doing the shopping this week as LH had to work so I opted to just get the fruit and veg mostly from Aldi with just a few items from Coles. This was the first time I'd been grocery shopping since the beginning of Covid 19 and I found everyone to be polite and observing the social distancing as well as all the new hygiene wipes for the trollies and hand baskets and the perspex screens at Aldi, it truly is a new way of doing things.

Now on with the food of last week-

What we bought

Fruit and Veg from Aldi

The rest of the Aldi shop 

A few items from Coles, the paper wrapped parcel contains some free range ham 

The Simply Good Haul, the only thing that didn't make it into the photo was a large jar of local honey 

And some goodies from the Golden Circle Factory Outlet 

Beautiful dairy from the Maleny IGA

What we spent
Simply Good-$110.10
Maleny IGA-$26.37

Lunch and dinner out-approximately $90

TOTAL-$370.32-Holy moly...

What we ate

Friday-Left over Creamy Pumpkin Pasta 

Saturday and Sunday-Pumpkin Soup and soft rolls 

Monday-Calamari, sweet potato chips and a simple salad

Tuesday-Peking Chicken Wraps

Wednesday-Disappointing Sushi-no photo cause...Disappointing Sushi 

Thursday-A combination of this recipe and this recipe plus home made garlic bread

Over to you, how was your grocery budget this week? And what was on your menu this week?

Have a lovely day,

One Year Ago-Inspiration, Take 2


  1. Hi Fiona
    Our grocery bills are too high - shopping online with the delivery charge or doing click and collect is partly to blame, my husband sometimes does the click and I do the collect ( he has asthma) and I think he puts more expensive options in the basket. We have spoken about this but I don't want to nag as he's being helpful. Special deals and sales don't seem to be so available either. I think I need to start going shopping in person to get this back under control. All the supermarkets seem to have adopted good hygiene measures now so I might venture out to Lidl again. I'm sure prices are rising so I need to be even more savvy with the shopping.

    1. Hi Penny,
      I wish I had more of a handle on how much groceries actually cost and if there has been an increase since Covid 19 arrived. LH does the shopping and doesn't really take any notice either of how much certain items are, if it's on the list he buys it. You're right, the supermarkets have done a great job at adopting and enforcing hygiene measures and I felt safe doing the grocery shopping last week. I think this will be the new normal from now on. Hope you have a lovely week ahead.