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What’s Happening in the Garden, July 2020

Monday, 13 July 2020
Hello Dear Reader,

Today's post is all about what is currently happening in our little backyard garden here at Stay Home Instead. As you will see, the garden is finally starting to get on its feet, albeit a little too late this season. The reason for the lateness of the crops is because I let the pumpkin vines have another flourish of pumpkins in February, that is usually when we remove the mature pumpkins and the spent pumpkin vines. Then we prepare for our main growing season by adding heaps of compost and new mulch to the now bare raised garden beds. So, because of making the wrong decision to let the pumpkins do their thing, I didn't make a start in planting out until May. 

The other thing that has contributed to late growing and cropping is that this year, I used seeds instead of seedlings, effectively putting me behind another month or so. Gardening is all about learning what grows well in your area and, for me at least, it is also all about learning from your mistakes. Next year we are going to give butternut squash a go instead of the JAP pumpkin we have grown the last two years. Last year my pumpkin vines played host to a little green caterpillar that spread rampantly throughout the vine, so I am hoping to stop that from happening next year by planting a different crop.

Unfortunately this new Blogger interface doesn't like Vimeo, which is the App I use to create and unload my little videos to pop up on the blog, so I have taken photos instead of my usual little walk around video of our garden. Also this new version of Blogger will only let you insert very short videos, less than two minutes worth from what I can see. Not Happy Blogger! Time for a change I think.

Now let me show you what is finally growing well in our garden-

Rocket, Dill, Coriander and a French Provincial Seed Mix from Bunnings that funnily enough has turned out to be more Rocket and a tiny bit of chervil

Beetroot, English Spinach and Silverbeet 

Broccoli, Bok Choy, Choy Sum and Mustard Green 

Snow Peas

Garlic Chives, Potato Onions, Red Onions and Spring Onions, the Spring Onions were grown from saved seed from last year

The Lemon and Lime Tree plus the Comfrey in the corner 

This year I have done the right thing and have started succession planting so that we will have continuous picking for many months ahead, here's hoping anyway.

How is your garden growing this year?

Have a lovely day,


  1. I would say " a lot is happening in the garden!"

    1. It is finally starting to get ahead isn’t👏 Gardening is hard work but so worth it. Hope you’re having a lovely day, Fi


  2. Hi Fiona,

    such lovely photos of your garden. Everything looks green and delicious. I love green leafy vegies- in salads, soups stews, pies, with pasta or simply sautéed in olive oil with garlic and chilli.

    At the moment we are growing and picking:
    -silverbeet and rainbow chard
    -rocket and turnip greens
    -a number of lettuce varieties
    -Tuscan and Curly kale
    -leeks and spring onions
    -a variety of endive that is only slightly bitter
    -garlic chives that self sow all year
    -many different herbs
    -chillies we planted in Nov last year that are still producing many green & red chillies

    Isn't it convenient and frugal to have all these lovely vegies ready to pick and cook as you need them? It's also great not having to buy as much at the greengrocer, market or supermarket each week.

    Is today the first day in your new position at work? I wish you every success in this new stage of your career. I'm sure you will be a great asset to the hospital in your new role.

    Best wishes, Maria xx.

    1. Hi Maria,
      Your bountiful garden certainly gives you so much variety, how do you use turnip greens ? I start tomorrow (Tuesday) in my new role, I’m having an extra early night tonight as I start at 7.30👏 Have a lovely week, Fi

  3. Your garden is coming along beautifully. It’s hard work and fraught with so many variables, but the end result is far worth it 😊

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I always say, gardening is not for wimps 😛I am simply not very strong in my upper body and I get frustrated easily, but I keep going. You’re so right, the end result is so worth it. Have a lovely week, Fi