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Sunday Afternoon in the Sewing Room

Monday, 11 January 2021

 Hello Dear Reader,

Yesterday morning I had to do a few boring things like clean the air fryer, add the green waste, coffee grounds and shredded paper from the office to the compost bin and give it a good turn over, sweep the courtyard, strain and bottle the chicken stock that I had popped in the slow cooker overnight, then clean the slow cooker bowl. I try and get all the menial or boring tasks out of the way before I do the more fun things like cooking or sewing.

I finished all the above boring stuff by about 11am then I headed into the kitchen to make a batch of vanilla yoghurt and our muesli for the week ahead. We had a quick cheese and salad sandwich for lunch and once I had tidied the kitchen I headed into the sewing room for some mindful sewing. I call it mindful or should that be mindless because the kind of sewing I did was fun, not organised or planned in anyway, there was no measuring or worry about matching fabrics. So, what kind of sewing did I do? I did some strip or string quilting using a 6 1/2 inch foundation paper and lots of off cuts and leftover fabric from previous quilts.

I have been gradually adding to a "bits and pieces" quilt for about two years now, as I finish a quilt there is usually fabric or orphaned blocks left over so bit by bit they have been added to the quilt below. Sorry it's not a very good photo but I think you get the idea. Yesterday I added the bold blue geometric print squares to the existing quilt and started on some strip or string squares. I got five squares done before I had to give the sewing away, as it was almost 5pm and time to take the little woofs for a walk. 

I will probably need another 3 squares of the strip quilting blocks to be long enough to make another row, but that will have to wait till next weekend! Most of the fabric I worked with yesterday for the string/strip quilting was leftover from the last little baby quilt I made, I forgot to take a photo of the finished quilt, which I can't believe, but I will ask the new Mum if she can send me a photo of it soon. Anyway the fabrics were such a delight to work with, so cute and the colours are so soft and beautiful. I loved my afternoon of mindless sewing. 

Have a lovely day,


  1. Hi Fiona
    I love the varied fabrics and different blocks, it's going to be a stunning quilt. I am not a skilled seamstress but I love working with my sewing machine or doing hand embroidery, it takes my mind off the everyday stuff. I'm sure it's good for us. Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

    1. Hi Penny,
      Definitely, sewing is the best therapy, with walking on a beach a close second. I wouldn't call myself a skilled seamstress either, I'm much to messy and at times impatient to just get it done, hence the messy sewing...hope you have a good day,

  2. Hi Fiona
    I'm so glad I discovered you are back blogging again! It is nice to catch up on what you have been doing and how you are going. Everything is so different in the world now and many difficult challenges everyone is facing, so it is nice just focusing on normal, happy, simple things for a while. Your bed quilt you recently finished is beautiful, congratulations! And this 'bits & pieces' quilt is so fun and scrappy. I have been trying to motivate myself (and find the time) to get back to sewing and finish a few old works in progress. How do you find your Oliso iron and pressing mat? Is it one of those wool pressing mats? I've seen some quilters online that say they are great for patchwork. I'd be curious to hear your opinion and where you got yours? Take care, Kelly

    1. Hi Dearest Kelly,
      So lovely to hear from you, hope you and your family are well and happy.
      It certainly is a "scrappy" quilt with so many different bits and pieces of fabric, it's like getting a quilt for free isn't?
      I asked for the Oliso iron for Christmas from LH and the kids, I used it for the first time last Sunday and it takes a bit of getting used to, I kept on standing it up...Yes the pressing mat is one of those wool mats, I purchased it online from Love-Sew, they took so long to arrive though. The mat does exactly what it claims to do and the iron is wonderful too. I have had to pop a towel under the mat as I have it sitting on my cutting mat and the steam was making it bend and lift. Hope you have a lovely day,