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This Weeks 5 Frugal Things on a Friday

Friday, 8 January 2021

 Hello Dear Reader,

And welcome to the first 5 Frugal Things for this year. This year I thought I might just change things up a bit, blogging wise, before I had my blogging break last year I was blogging to a schedule, everyday was locked into a topic and I think that is maybe why I had bloggers fatigue. I'm finding it much easier to write everyday if I just let my mind run free. 

In saying that I really love this topic/post, it's a summary of how I've saved some money over the past week and is, after all, the foundation to this blog. So here is what we got up to on the frugal front-

1. Made new slip covers for the little woofs existing beds. When we inherited the little woofs we also inherited two soft beds and two sturdy plastic dog houses. Unfortunately Lulu is/was quite a destructive dog and she chewed all of the soft beds and hard plastic dog houses. We didn't want to buy anything new just for her to chew it and ruin the look of a new bed. A little while ago our Son and future DIL gave me some plastic backed curtaining that they didn't need anymore and I popped it in the sewing room thinking at the time the sturdy fabric would make nice dog bed covers. Last Sunday I finally got around to taking a pattern off the soft dog bed and have been doing a little bit each day, cutting out and sewing a slip cover. I finished the first one on Wednesday and I love how it turned out. Lulu hasn't nibbled at it yet, lets see how long it lasts.

The existing soft bed, I use a cheap Kmart pillow as the centre cushion (the original one is long gone from being chewed) and layer it up with Op shopped pillow cases (I use 3 pillow cases on each pillow as Lulu likes to chew holes in them too) I have to tuck the corners in other wise she has holes chewed in the corners within the day. 

The new slip cover

I know she doesn't really care but I think it looks nicer and except for time, a bit of paper for the pattern and some thread, it was free.

2. Kept the bacon dripping from the bottom of the air fryer after Sunday's breakfast. I use the bacon drippings when frying or sautéing something savoury to add more flavour. I keep the jar in the fridge. 

3. Made a batch of dog food, I haven't costed it but I'm sure it is a lot cheaper that this-

The final batch of homemade dog food weighed over 4 kg's, similar to the total weight of the 12 cans of dog food above. Here is what I put in the dog food I make-

Beef mince, frozen veg, rice, barely, red lentils and vegemite 

4. Washed the woofs myself,  I'm not sure how much a dog wash is, but I'll take free any day

I wash the little woofs in the laundry sink, it is the perfect height so I don't have to bend over

5. Did an inventory of the fridge before I started making the menu and shopping list for the week ahead, I try not to waste a thing. With the lead up to Christmas we had lots of food in the fridge and pantry, I get anxious and overwhelmed when I have too much food in the house just in case I miss something. This is this mornings fridge-

How did you save money this week?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Hi Fiona
    I also had quite a doggy week! I have been washing dog bed covers and mending too. Other frugal/ simple things this week- I cut the fronts off Christmas cards, put some aside for post cards/ shopping lists and cut some into gift tags.
    I sewed some more washable/ reuseable face cleansing pads using flannel I had in my stash
    I used up leftover mince to make mulligatawny soup which we really likd.
    I spent some time reading the instructions for the underfloor heating in our kitchen, I've never really understood it! I've altered the thermostat programme now to give some heat during our very cold snap but don't have it on too long because of the cost. We'll monitor how it goes.
    I cut some winter honeysuckle for the house, it has such a lovely fragrance.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. The covers you've made for the dogs' beds look great and such a bonus to cost next to nothing. Being able to sew and mend can save lots of money. Here's my five frugal things:
    1. Made double batch of meat-free shepherdess pie using ingredients already had. Jamie Oliver recipe that's really easy and delicious.
    2. Baked banana bread, double batch of pear muffins and two choc chip slices with most going into freezer.
    3. Got good discount on 100%cotton fabric from Spotlight.
    4. Wrote meal plan for next fortnight after checking what I already have in pantry, fridge and freezer.
    5. Potted up tiny succulent pups that came from a friend's plants.