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Three Day Lockdown

Saturday, 9 January 2021

 Hello Dear Reader,

Yesterday morning we woke to the news that parts of Brisbane, including Moreton Shire, will be going into a three day lockdown from 6pm Friday till 6pm Monday following the discovery of one person who tested positive to the new UK strain of Covid 19.

We had planned on having a little get together on Sunday afternoon to meet the new addition to their family, of a lovely couple, who are very good friends of my Daughter and SIL, within a few minutes of organising this, the news came out about the lockdown. Never mind better to be safe than sorry. There will be another time.

I didn't think much more of the lockdown until I left for work, I wondered why there was so much traffic going into our local Coles just up the road, I had to wait 10 minutes just to get out of our street, the madness of panic buying had begun.

We have plenty of food in the house so there was no need to top up with anything, we had leftovers last night for dinner and the menu is set for the weekend, so we are okay for the three day lockdown. I had intended to sleep in this morning but my body clock had other ideas, I got up just after 6am, fed Ninja, boiled the kettle for my tea, emptied the dishwasher, gave Lulu her heart medication and then headed on down to the office to post this blog. I actually wasn't going to post this weekend, but a forced stay at home order means a more relaxed weekend ahead. I did have a hair appointment for a hair cut but obviously that isn't happening, my hair is a mop at the moment so I was really looking forward to it, never mind, it will happen when it can. 

Today is overcast, blustery with scattered showers which is doing the garden and grass the world of good, at least I won't have to water for a while. After I post this I'll take the little woofs for their morning walk, they don't care about the rain, after breakfast I'll start on some washing, I'll do a quick vac including the lounges and door tracks, I want to finish the other dog bed cover, make a start on some baby bibs for the afore mentioned baby and for dinner tonight I am making a chicken roast. That should be enough for today. 

What are you doing today? Are you in lockdown where you are?

Have a good day,



  1. Hi Fiona. We are in lockdown too now and, like you, were very glad to be able to avoid the supermarkets. I did go to get some fresh milk from our tiny local shop and that was busy enough for me!

    I've walked our Sir Steve dog this morning, mask on (me and not the dog 😁) and have just made a batch of yoghurt. Later, I am baking granola and some pumpkin scones. We are having a roast chicken dinner this evening too.

    I am going to continue on with process of cleaning and sorting each cupboard in our house and also have some sewing and knitting to go on with. I borrowed lots of books from library last week and we love board and card games and, much to my son's delight, the test match cricket is on tv. He's happy to be able to watch that as he can't go to oark to play cricket with his friends.


    1. Hi Meg,
      I ventured out on Sunday to buy some milk and bread, just up to our local Coles which is within easy walking distance, everyone was doing the right thing, mask wise and I didn't see any panic buying going on, it was calm and orderly. Your weekend sounds wonderful, hope the rest of lockdown is just as lovely for you. Fi


  2. Hi Fiona,

    when I heard that Brisbane was going into lockdown, I thought of you and wondered whether you would be affected.

    When Adelaide was in lockdown in November the panic buying madness started again.

    My hubby is considered an essential worker so he had to continue going into work. He works in the Adelaide CBD and said that the atmosphere in the city was eerie as there were very few people and cars.

    I hope this three day lockdown serves its purpose and life can go back to the new normal while this horrid virus is a part of our lives.

    I hope and pray for a time in the not too distant future when this virus is no longer a part of our lives. The devastating effect it has had on the entire world will be remembered for a long time.

    Your garden looks great especially the citrus trees. We too, have scaled down the amount of summer vegies we planted this year.

    We have the following plants-
    2 self sown tomatoes
    1 cayenne chilli
    4 eggplants
    spring onions
    self sown pumpkin

    The heat, plant diseases, insect and animal pests all take their toll on the garden during our hot summers. The amount of work and water required just aren't worth it.

    Lovely new covers for Lulu and Pippa's beds. Lucky girls. They look so sweet. Surely they wouldn't hurt a fly (or mouse or rat🤔)?

    Take care and stay safe.

    Best wishes, Maria xx.

    1. Hi Maria,
      We are on day three of lockdown, but I am off to work today as my role is considered an essential worker. LH asked me yesterday if I thought Bunnings would be open, I said no as we are in lockdown, surely nothing but supermarkets would be open. He rang then and sure enough they were open, then I thought well if Bunnings is open Spotlight might be open too, and sure enough it was. I was tempted to go as I needed some fabric to make some baby bibs, was this considered an essential service? I don't think so, surely that is encouraging people to go out even though we aren't supposed to travel for anything except for "essential reasons" buying fabric an essential reason?
      You're still growing quite a lot even with the challenges that Summer brings, I hear you about the heat, plant diseases and insect and animal pests...I have them all!
      And don't let their cute looks fool you, I have seen them in full flight, they still have their killer instinct unfortunately. Hope you have a good day,

  3. Hi Fiona
    We went into our third lockdown last week and it's going to last until mid February we think. My husband and I are lucky to live in the country and have a garden so we can go for walks easily. The weather is very cold so staying snugged up at home feels fine. Just about to crack out another jigsaw and we have plenty of books and projects on the go.