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What we bought, spent and ate this week

Thursday, 14 January 2021

 Hello Dear Reader,

This is another regular post that I will keep going as I know I love to see what other people are buying and what they are having for dinners. Our current menu/shopping schedule runs from Wednesday to the following Tuesday so this post will follow that schedule too, although this week it is one day late, I will be posting this regularly on a Wednesday. 

I don't have too many photos for this weeks post either as I was humming and hawing over whether I was going to continue this kind of post but as you can see, I have decided to go ahead with it.

What we bought-

What we spent-


Northside Discount Fruit Barn-$26.70



What we ate-

Wednesday-Pan Fried Fish, Chips and Salad

Thursday-Pork and Maple Sausages, Easy Potato Bake and Upmarket Mushy Peas

Friday-Leftovers from last night

Saturday-Roast Chicken and Veggies

Sunday-Leftovers from last night

Monday-Smoked Trout Pizzas

Tuesday-Steamed Fish, Rice and Asian Greens

I really must get around to posting the "recipe"for the smoked trout pizzas as we absolutely love them, they started life out as smoked salmon pizzas but we have found that smoked trout is a very close second and cheaper, so smoked trout it is. Our son 'invented" this slightly weird but really delicious pizza combination. 

What was on your menu last week?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Hi Fiona,

    I'm glad that you will be continuing with this post on a regular basis. It is one of my favourites along with your Frugal Friday post. It is interesting and inspiring and gives me ideas for our dinners.

    I was amazed at the price per kilo that you were charged for the fresh ginger. I checked prices locally and found that it is also $55 per kilo in most stores near us. Now that's eye watering.

    Your roast chicken dinner and the steamed fish meal look delicious.

    I have the same smoked trout from Aldi in the fridge. Your pizzas sound like the perfect new way to use it. We usually have it for breakfast with poached eggs or for lunch in a home-made sourdough bagel with horseradish cream, red onion, avocado, capers and rocket.

    On the menu this week:
    -grilled ocean trout, steamed rice and a tossed salad

    -marinated pork loin steaks, red cabbage & carrot coleslaw and a green salad

    -mushroom parmigiana, sweet potato wedges and a rocket salad

    -oven baked chicken schnitzels, tomato & cucumber salad and a mixed leaf salad

    grilled dukkah salmon, steamed rice, green bean salad and a tossed salad

    Cheers, Maria xx.

    1. Hi Maria,
      I love this post too, The Frugal Girl used to photograph her groceries as well but now only does a tally of what she spent and where. She lives in America and I used to love seeing the huge bottles (4 litres I think) of milk and the equally huge laundry liquid bottles, I guess it was just a novelty really.
      Isn't that smoked trout from Aldi just delicious! I'll post that recipe for the smoked trout pizza next week sometime I think, it won't be everyones cup of tea but we sure love it, it's even lovely cold the next day.
      You could sell that breakfast bagel, it sounds so, so yummy! As does your menu, a bit of everything, I especially love the sound of the mushroom parmigiana...

  2. Hi Fiona
    I enjoy these posts too, you eat such interesting fish dishes which I like to see.
    This week we've eaten lambs liver and onions with mashed potatoes, parsnips and broad beans, cheese and ham omelettes with chips and salad, cauliflower cheese with roasted vegetables, roast turkey leg with roasted potatoes, kale and parsnip, leftover turkey in gravy with mashed potato, carrots, swede and peas, blue cheese quiche with saute potatoes and salad, minestrone soup.I'm pleased that three of the meals were meat free and a fourth only had a bit of ham in the omelette.