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Bye Bye Easter, 2021

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

 Hello Dear Reader,

And just like that, Easter is over for another year, I've had four blissful days at home, cooking, gardening, cleaning, hosting lunch on Easter Saturday and attending Easter Sunday Lunch next door at our Son and, very soon to be, Daughter-in-laws home. Everyone bought something so it wasn't too much on any one person. We made a big batch of these rissoles and I made a fruit pizza again just like at Christmas time. This is the recipe I use but I reduce the amount of butter to 95 grams in the biscuit base as I found the original recipe baked just a bit too soft. 

I spent Friday getting ahead at home, doing lots of little jobs and also prepping for lunch on Saturday, I always like to set the table the day before and make it pretty, so it is one less thing to do on the actual day. I made a batch of these Panini rolls to make some prawn rolls for Fridays dinner and I also made some lovely Apple and Cinnamon Scrolls using this dough minus the sultanas, rolled the dough out spread over some butter, cinnamon sugar and apple slices, rolled it up, cut the log into slices, snuggled them into a tray and baked them for 30 minutes at 200C.

We were expecting more guests for lunch on Saturday but on the day it was just us, our son and DIL and our Daughter and SIL, but that was okay, life happens to us all. I ended up making one quiche/frittata instead of two. I made this Salmon, Pea and Potato Frittata, a simple garden salad, a batch of Cottage Cheese Bread Rolls that I mention below and a Sticky Date Pudding

After lunch on Saturday I popped up to Kmart to get some chair pads for our newly refurbished outdoor setting, LH has done a lovely job on sanding back and re-oiling this old timber setting that we've had for about 15 years. Unfortunately Kmart only had two of the chair pads in stock, so I bought those and when I got home I ordered the remaining 6 online, they should be here in about a week. They look great and are very comfy too.

Talking about our outdoor area, we recently had the old stamped concrete on the patio and driveway ground back and a new finish applied, it looks so good, such a change from how it used to look (see below) Truth be told, I never liked this stamped finish from the beginning, I thought the colour was way too yellow. So now the driveways and patio look like brand spanking new. We also removed the black aluminium fencing from around the patio to open it up. I advertised the fencing on FB Marketplace and a lovely couple picked it up on Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday I had a few things planned and slowly, over the day I chipped away at the list, it rained on and off most of the day so some of the outdoor jobs got done in a rain jacket and gumboots. LH turned the compost bin for me as it is getting quite full and I find it heavy going, after he gave it a really good turn over, I added the bucket of fruit and veg peelings and the coffee grounds and I was able to give the compost another good turn over before finishing with the shredded paper from the office. While out that side, I topped up Ninja's garden with the rest of the sugar cane mulch as it was starting to look a bit bare. 

Before lunch, I made another batch of these Cottage Cheese Bread Rolls to use up the other half of the container of cottage cheese. I had made a batch of these to go with lunch on Saturday. Our wonderful future SIL just loves them and calls them KFC rolls, but better! Well, I've never had a KFC bread roll, but they are the softest, loveliest dinner rolls ever. 

I spent some time in the afternoon in the office starting to write up this blog post and then sat in the massage chair for half an hour before donning the rain jacket and gumboots again for a wet and soggy doggy walk. They don't seem to mind getting wet and wouldn't dream of forgoing their walks just because its raining. Dinner was our favourite pizzas-Smoked Trout with Tomatoes, Artichokes and Capers and best of all, there is leftovers for our lunch today. 

Back to work today for me, but it is a short week so it will probably fly by.

How was your Easter break? Did you go away or stay at home?

Have a lovely day,


  1. I’ve long said we are peas in a pod! We have an identical outdoor setting!! Yours looks in much better condition. Such a great job on the refurb!! I started painting ours a charcoal grey several years ago to try and stop it from deteriorating any further, I only got the table and three of the chairs done, it was a mammoth job! So it sits half finished and ugly 😩 my worst habit is unfinished projects, maybe I should use this as inspiration to finish it!! Sounds like you have been so busy! Enjoy your week Fiona.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Our lovely future SIL suggested we use diesel to oil the outdoor setting with, as we trust him completely LH went ahead and used diesel and a roller to finish and protect the timber. It has made the timber waterproof also and has bought out the grain in the timber. It did have a bit of an odour for a couple of days but it soon disappeared. Hope you and your family are well and happy. Fi