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A Sweet Potato Experiment

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

 Hello Dear Reader,

I have had a good crop of sweet potatoes over the last couple of months, from our raised garden bed, out the back near the compost bin. I really don't know the sweet potato growing cycle but a lot of the green leaves and vines had died back so on Sunday I set about to dig out the rest of the sweet potatoes and cut back the vine.

It was quite easy to do, I simply got my garden fork, dug deep and turned over the soil in lines from the front to the back of the raised garden bed. And this is what I found-

A big bowl full of lovely sweet potatoes of all shapes and sizes. I had already picked the largest of the crop so most of the small to medium sweet potatoes must have been the new season ones, never mind, for me, gardening is an adventure and I quite often get it wrong.

I then gave the soil a good soaking with seasol and topped it off with a good layer of sugar cane mulch, there were a few bits of new growth with roots attached so I have planted them back in the raised garden bed.

When I came inside I googled how to best to sprout sweet potatoes and this is what I found. Put the round or fatter end of the sweet potato in water suspended with three tooth pick so that half of the sweet potato is in the water, change that water every second day and within a couple of weeks the new growth, called slips, will start growing. Snap off the slips when they are big enough and plant out in soil. Lets see how this experiment turns out.

Tell use Dear Reader, what garden experiment has worked out well for you?

Have a lovely day,

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