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Did You Make It? Show Us

Hello Dear Reader,

And welcome to this new page of my little blog where I will post readers photos of recipes I have blogged about. I love this idea as I feel recipes are made to share, love and share again. Sharing the love amongst our lovely blog-y community. I would also love you to include any changes or improvements along with comments on how your family enjoyed the recipe.

1. The first photo is from Melanie who made this Chickpea and Quinoa Salad-here's what she said about it-

"I made your delicious Chickpea and Quinoa Salad. I roasted the capsicum first (because raw capsicum isn't a favourite in our house, and because I already had the oven on anyway) I also used lime, zest and juice, instead of lemon because that was what I had. A winer, thank you!


2. This next photos are from Cheryl from "A Simply Good Life" and she made my PITA Pasta, she and her family loved it, Glad I could help. This is what Cheryl said about it-

Hi Fiona,
Just wanted to let you know I made your PITA pasta for dinner tonight, and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!
I pretty much made it to your recipe, with a couple of minor changes to reflect what I had on hand.
I only used one onion, I didn’t think it needed two.
I added more garlic, I can never have too much fresh garlic!
I only used half a jar of anchovies, I rarely cook with them, and the kids aren’t used to them, and I wasn’t sure just how well it would be received, so I erred on the side of caution.
I couldn’t bring myself to pay $3 for fresh bazil (wrapped in plastic!) at the supermarket, and it isn’t in season, so I substituted a teaspoon of dried herbs into the tomato sauce.
I didn’t bother blitzing my tomato, as I buy the diced tomato’s, I thought it didn’t really need blitzing, and it just used an extra appliance that would need washing up…it is Sunday night after all LOL
I added a bit of mozzarella in between layers, and on top with the parmesan, only because I had it on hand, and it needed using up!

The kids loved it! Went back for seconds, and didn’t even notice the anchovies.


I didn’t find it a Pain in the arse to make at all, my lasagne is more fiddly than this recipe!
Hubby has been away, and will be disappointed he missed it. Oh well, will just have to make it again sometime soon
Thanks for sharing the recipe, it’s definitely another one to addd to the collection!

Cheers Cheryl

3. How amazing does this look! Thanks Maria, you're a superstar!

Hello Fiona,
I can access your Readers' Photos again, thank you.
I am attaching a photo of something I made using one of the recipes that you have very kindly shared.
I am a somewhat newer reader of your blog having found you in July 2017. When I read your daily post I make sure that I read the previous years' posts for that day. Your sourdough posts are some of my favourites so I have been searching for those. There are a few of your recipes that I have on my 'To Make List'. Yesterday I made the Light Rye and Caraway Loaf and I am very pleased with the result. We can't wait to have it for breakfast toasted and spread with cream cheese. A smoked salmon, red onion, caper and rocket sandwich made with this beautiful bread will be perfect for lunch.
Next on my list is your Fruit and Spice Sourdough Loaf and then the Sourdough Crumpets. 

I love sharing recipes with family and friends but I have a couple of friends that never give out their recipes.
Thank you Fiona for sharing your recipes with your readers. We appreciate it.
Warm regards, 
Maria from Adelaide xx.
4. Again, how amazing are these breads, thanks Maria.

 Fruit and Spice Sourdough Loaf

Two Ingredients Naan Bread

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