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My Second Year of Less Stuff

Hello Dear Reader,

Following on from a successful, albeit slow, first year of decluttering I am going to continue with another year of less stuff. I did purge a lot of stuff, superfluous things that I didn't use or didn't need, last year, but I want to do even more this year. I am hoping the less I have, the lighter I will feel, I don't want to own stuff and clean stuff and organise stuff, I've had enough of that!

Less stuff=less stress=more happiness.

1. 10 x clothing items I no longer need or wear

2. A left over Christmas Cracker,  4 x clean maple syrup bottles, a glass canister with a dangerously loose lid, I have tried to glue it a few times to no avail.

3. 1 x work trousers that no longer fit (they must have shrunk in the wash, ha) 1 x shorts that have stretched and now are really baggy, 2 x t-shirts that have seen better days

4. 2 x bags I have made over the years and now I don't love them anymore

5. More Christmas Crackers I found when tidying the Sewing Room, a cardboard Christmas Themed 3 tier platter and a gift bag that has seen better days.

6. My favourite apron that has seen better days, I loved it so much that I took a pattern off it and made a new one.

7. Stuff I don't use from under the bathroom sink, if you are wondering what the marbles are for, I used to use them when doing a pedicure on myself, you put them in a bucket of soapy water and "massage" the soles of your feet, I can't remember the last time I did anything like that for myself

8. Again "stuff" but this time from under the kitchen sink, cleaners ect that I simply don't use or haven't in years.

9. The base to a butter dish, I had a smashing good time with the lid a week ago, meaning I dropped it and it smashed to smithereens, such a shame as I loved this butter dish.

10. Tupperware, baking tins, stainless steel bowls, excess glass bottles and jars, a measuring jug with the measurements worn off, an old heavy frypan, some plastic wine glasses, an old knife and a rubber jar seal. All of these items came out of another declutter from my kitchen draws. It is getting easier to part with items I once thought I couldn't.

11. More Tupperware and plastic containers and jugs I simply don't use

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