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Reader's Photos

Hello Dear Reader,

And welcome to another page of my Stay Home Instead Blog. This is where I will post photos sent in by our lovely blog-y community, that you would like to share with like minded people out there in the blog-a-sphere. I have started another page (not live yet) called "Did You Make It? Show Us" where you can send in photos of recipes I have posted, but if you want to send in a photo of something wonderful you have cooked, this page is where I will post it.

Your photo can be anything that floats your boat, within reason, of course, your recipes, dogs, cats, birds, wildlife, nature, beach, country, architecture, sunsets, sunrises, flowers, home, family, simple living, budget buys, frugal living, quilting, knitting, crochet, macrame, zero waste, markets, gardening, cleaning, photography, well you get the idea.

Go ahead, share your happiness.

1. This photo comes from the lovely Cheryl from "A Simply Good Life", she sent it in after I blogged about "What's in my Utensil Holder" Thanks Cheryl.

2. This photo of a witty cushion comes from lovely Maria in Adelaide, when she saw this, it reminded her of how I de-hair the lounges and our cat, Ninja, with a sticky roller. Her cat, Casey is almost identical to Ninja and is much loved but also sheds a lot of fur. It is so true about us being housekeepers for our cats! Thanks Maria.

3. Todays photo is from Jana and it shows off her much loved Knife Block and Utensil draw, we have so many utensils in common Jana! You can see the utensil draw is situated just under the chopping block for ease of access. Everything at her fingertips. Go girl.

4. The latest photos to arrive in my inbox are from long time reader, Angela, it's her collection of well used and loved utensils in her utensil holder plus her favourite wooden chopping block that came off second best when the hot plate was left on๐Ÿ˜‰

Here's what Angela said-

Hi Fiona,

I have been reading your blog for ages, and really enjoy it, and often inspired!
I tried to leave a comment with a photo, but failed miserably.
And now I found your email address, so here is my utensil holder.
At least 25 years old, most of the utensils are younger!
I have it near my hot plates and bread / cutting boards.
Bit thingy about cutting raw meats, onion and garlic on a non wood board.

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